| Solar, things are dismal 'round here... Auntie MARJORIE disappears for an extended vacay and y'all let this happen?

Ain't right, gang. C'mon.

The shadows are calling.

>Job Name
Whatever you like:

| >I need ingredients delivered.
Desc : I need someone to go deliver me some ingredients. I've already ordered them but I can't go take it because the shop's so crowded.
>A coordinate for Dang! Pad Thai Stall is posted.
>A few other coordinates for spice, vegetables, and various ingredient shops are also posted, each marked with the product they provide.
Pay : Like 1,000 zenny and maybe a free meal.
Poster : Dang
Note : Please hurry the ingredients are really running out.

| >>704399
On it. Anything for some mofuckin pad thai. I'll have your ingredients snap fast.

| >>704788
There's the good lad, thank you, my friend.

| >Looking for two people to recover something in flooded
Desc: Lost items of great importance have suddenly started emitting signals again in flooded. We are looking for two experts in both exploration and sapping to recover the items in question. there will be great risk, and even greater rewards.
Pay: Negotiable, 25k zenny upfront, greater rewards upon success
Poster: WARDEN
Note: Partial success is acceptable, so long as you retrieve atleast one item you will be paid a sum.

| >>705085
I'll take the job.

| >>705097
Are you the explorer kind or the Sapper? and would you know someone else to help.

| >>705133
Explorer, I scout and gather intel. If you want more muscle, I can get someone else to come with me. But I can't do anything else.

| >>705178
If they know how to cut locks and bio-scanners, they'll do the trick.
Meet a contact at the lock and barrel. Their name is SAINT; you'll be able to tell who they are right away.
Tell them Wrath sent you.
I await for your good results.

| >>705206
They don't cut locks, per say, they blow them to pieces. If that works, I'll get in touch with them.

| >Taking out the dogs
Desc : I accidentally gave my dogs guns that fire when they bark, and these lil guys bark alot, I locked them in my garage but I need someone with tranquilizer guns to put them to sleep because they just don't seem to get tired.
Pay : You can have the 'gun that shoots when the dog barks'
Poster : LocalAreaNetwork
Note : -

| >>706197
How do you... Do that?

| >>706197
I can probably help with that.

| >>706208 I was pretty sure that it's just bark activated gun but it just looks like a completely normal gun though.

| >>706268
Alrighty then, try not to get shot the dogs really barks alot.

| >>706281
I'll send a bloke over with a tranq gun, give me a location.

| >>706282
Sent, I'll check up on them again the next day.

| >>705085
I’ve got time to kill. Count me in on the job. I could use the workout, too

| >>706446
We already have a person proficient in clearing, would you happen to be a Sapper? I'm telling you already but you better have confidence in your skills.

| >>706446 >>706458
How about this, you take the 'guns' only from the ones you hit, so it's fair for both of you.

| >>706508
(The other guy's not replying to you.)

| Looking for a private dick what wouldn't mind tracking down a starlet or two. Cops don't really care about B-movie slags but I got a Johnson that does and we need to get to the bottom of this, or at least try.

Johnson's looking to offer a couple hundred thousand zenny, if you can believe it. I don't really know why. They're not the smartest sort, so maybe they don't realize that waving that cash around attracts all kinds of sharks.

Let me know if you're interested. -Rex

| >>706620

Follow the rules, genius. You copy pasted this from a different thread, dumbass.

| >>706620
And what does catching those people mean?
What're you gonna do with them?
I don't do waterworks.

| >>706622



Return them, of course. Johnson doesn't want not waterworks, unless its the fetishy kind.

>Find my missing bitch.
D: Monseiur (hon hon) Johnson's looking for a missing plaything, and if ya got the prick for investigayshun, this is right up yer alley.

Payrate: This idiot's willing ton drop 200k zenny on someone they claim was a B-movie starlet in a former life.

Poster: Broker Jane

Images to come on job acceptance. None of us get paid till its done.

| >>706627
I'll do it then.
I got a knack for finding things that were misplaced.

| >>706628

Right then. Here's a secure account ya can reach me at for more information: dthomas#3602 .

Lookin' forward to it.


| >>706642
Got it.

| >>706458
Sapper is explosives, right? I got it
- EZBreezy

| >>706685
Well, yes, that's a way.
make your way to the Lock and Barrel, talk with SAINT. You'll know who she is right away.

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