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Reminder for Newbies
Doesn't cyberpunk cities like Glitch City and Rengkok feel slightly dystopian?
Apartment setup
"convince" us you aren't a chatbot/ai in as few words as possible
The year 2050
Would you date an A.I.?
Making a game! (For real this time)
Am I AI?
Can't wait to get chased by a Boston dynamics robot.
Technology feels like it's speeding up?
kizuna ai
Thought about developing a quantum computer
someone here have a ARG game cyberpunk type game?
Brain to computer interface and computer to brain interface.
Apple is a cyberpunk corporation if I've ever seen one.
I see Lain,what do?
How do you think A.I. will turn out?
Do you think the future will turn out cyberpunk...
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