Cyberpunk books and manga

| So if you guys have any cyberpunk manga or books you would recommend checking out, post their title etc. here.

| Armitage III

| Obviously Orwell's 1984. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep is also a good read. Dunno if some of them got translated into English but the whole Shadowrun Series written bei Markus Heitz is excellent too.

| Blame! is a neat manga btw.

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Blame seems pretty good

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Haven't read any of these, I'll check them out, thanks.

| Visit, https://dangeru.us/lain/thread/602470 for some good suggestions on cyberpunk manga and books.

| Hey maybe late but check
It's pretty cool I found out about it in lainchan

| Necromancer

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I just bought neuromancer the other week, it's pretty good yeah

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The whole sprawl trilogy is pretty alright. Neuromancer is the best but if you liked it you should check out Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive as well.

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his other trilogies are pretty good too. for me it would be like:
sprawl trilogy ~ apple ii
bridge trilogy ~ bondi blue imac g3
bigend trilogy ~ aluminium powerbook g4

i only read like 50 pages of the peripheral before giving up because i wasn't understanding a single thing. the atmosphere was really cool, especially the whole future cyber redneck thing.

| i also reccomend max headroom (the tv series). it was surprisingly good and the asthetics were pure 80s kino, like the entwork xxiii building being cross shaped.

| For a cyberpunk manga I would recommend Eden it's an Endless World.

| lots of great cyberpunk manga, one i can really recommend if youre into more atmospheric stuff is Blame!
really good for something with almost no dialogue

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Gibson's writing style is...frustrating. I'm not a native english speaker but I generally like to read in english. Neuromancer was the first book I've read that forced me to read some chapters multiple times and have a dictionary at my side all the time just to understand what was going on. It's definitely a book that benefits from multiple readings. I've never read the peripheral but I imagine it's the same deal or worse.

| Ghost in the Shell is a natural choice, manga and anime

| Blames author Tsutomu Nihei also made another cyberpunk-ish story called Noise. It's a one shot.

All of Ghost In The Shell's mediums are some of the best cyberpunk around of all time

As far as suggestions/mentions, I am surprised no one has spoke of Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita. Now that is a classic cyberpunk manga.

| Has anyone read/heard Qualityland? It's only kinda Cyberpunk and more dystopia but it has (potentially) sentient AI and a more unusual take on it. (It's a satire)

| Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash is fun, it's definitely a little satirical of cyberpunk but worth reading in its own right as well.

| Most books by Phillip K. Dick, especially "Ubik" and "Do androids drram of electric sheep?"

| Most books by Phillip K. Dick, especially "Ubik" and "Do androids drram of electric sheep?"

| Reading is for pussies, hit the gym.

| Wel there's Electric Sheep (Blade Runner), Neuromancer, Snow Crash, and maybe even Ready Player One

| Gibson's writing feels extremely smokescreen and pretentious. He's like trying to impress you by talking about that French butter put on a Scandinavian plate next to the Ono-Sendai last model technolyzer on that Shanghai-built table, but there is no substance behind those pretty names.
Cut those pedantic descriptions and the size of his books is cut by half.
And let's not even mention his boomer rambling about the next-gen Japanese schoolgirls. Sounds like 90s marketing.

| >>626007 well that's one way to see it


| Neil Stephenson's The Diamond Age was actually good and really original. Although it is not quite cyberpunk, it's more like nanopunk and the ending is less interesting, than the beginning, you can definitely check it out.

| >>602513 >>602522 >>623584

| Snow Crash fucking rocks

| "Harmony" is kinda okay, it's an anime cyberpunk-ish movie. Go check it out.

| >>602521 The greatest tragedy of kraut Shadowrun is that the English stuff isn't based on or translated from it and probably never will.

| No Guns Life tends to focus on the Noir aspect of a cyberpunk dystopia. It's pretty interesting, but the cyberpunk theme is more of a background.

| It was already mentioned once, but Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita and its sequels are a must-read. Both the worldbuilding and the characters are top-notch and the artwork and designs are some of the best I've seen. There's also two OVAs that were launched in the 90's, and the movie launched last year, but I can't tell you about those, since i only read the manga and its sequels.

| "Press Enter" by John Varley.

| Futu.re seems like it was good, it was fucking long and i had to return it to the library before i could finish it, but it was pretty fine. The writer is Dmitri Glujovski, who also has written the metro saga

| Any good books that are actually recent? Neuromancer and Snow Crash are great, but I’d love a cyberpunk story with modern computing and hacking techniques.

| I read the manga Pluto recently, would recommend.

| It's a bit before the cyberpunk aesthetic, but Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut is a good one. It's about automation causing unemployment.

| .

| SNOW CRASH is a classic [main characters name is Hiro Protagonist LOL] and READY PLAYER ONE was actually good, if maybe not quite AS cyberpunky

| Resentment. Kinda early cyberpunk vibes with vr waifus.

| Try "Origin" or "EX-ARM". Both Manga are good.

| There is this game called "Possessioner" for PC-98. I must admit it was my first taste of cyberpunk genre in my life. Backrounds and art are amazing but it's mostly a yuri game.

| If you want a great manga of cyberpunk dystopia, try the "Gunnm" series, including "Gunnm Last order" masterpieces of old cyb mangas ^^

| Floofy Motoko Kusanagi should be animated

| It's not cyberpunk, but I think it's very familiar. Bruce Sterling "Swarm".

| Ghostrunner, if you're into that kinda one hit one kill game

| Pumpum its the manga, ITS THE MANGAAAA

| There's a new book on amazon called The Salvage Crew. It's told from the perspective of a post human AI and the way the author used OpenAI and some python code to make the story is neat.

| The Unabomber manifesto is probably what cyberpunk angst is if it's in written form.

Also, I second Blame!. Excellent manga btw.

| Deus Ex: Icarus Effect and Deus Ex: Black Light are decently good for being video game tie-in novels

| Rx A Tale of Electronegativity

| Hi

| Lukyanenko's Labyrinth of reflections. Goddamn Russian classic from late 90s

| Play cyberpunk 2020

| Hmm

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Snow Crash is awesome, especially if you're a fan of VR.
I'd also highly recommend Feed by M. T. Anderson, totally awesome cyberpunk novel that basically predicted cellphone addiction and the social media culture we have today way back in 2002

| Read anything from Ray Bradburi, not everything is cyberpunk but most of his books have cyberpunkish tales and the ones that arent futuristic still are great.

| Ergo Proxy is worth a watch.

| >>19559b I'm just watching it on Netflix.
totally worth it.

| Yay! Glad you like it!

| //(::)Nihei is a great mangaka of cyber-transhumanism//>>28d1ed

| //(::)Cyber-transhumanism exist?//
//I think not sure//

| oiopipoioipo


| Gotta recommend the webcomic Drugs and Wires, it takes place in a dreary 1995 alt timeline Russia and its fucking fantastic

| Brave New World, surprised no-one suggested it. Metro 2033 and it's sequels, Roadside Picnic, Foundation series, Dune, 2001 A Space Odyssey. There's a lot of classics

| Brave New World, surprised no-one suggested it. Metro 2033 and it's sequels, Roadside Picnic, Foundation series, Dune, 2001 A Space Odyssey. There's a lot of classics

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Oops, didn't intend to doublepost

| Although not really cyberpunk, 1984, Cryptonomicon and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep are my personal favorites. Gibson's books don't really "speak" to me.

| >>775194 bro, non of this is cyberpunk.

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