Cyberpunk books and manga

| So if you guys have any cyberpunk manga or books you would recommend checking out, post their title etc. here.

| Armitage III

| Obviously Orwell's 1984. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep is also a good read. Dunno if some of them got translated into English but the whole Shadowrun Series written bei Markus Heitz is excellent too.

| Blame! is a neat manga btw.

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Blame seems pretty good

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Haven't read any of these, I'll check them out, thanks.

| Visit, https://dangeru.us/lain/thread/602470 for some good suggestions on cyberpunk manga and books.

| Hey maybe late but check
It's pretty cool I found out about it in lainchan

| Necromancer

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I just bought neuromancer the other week, it's pretty good yeah

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The whole sprawl trilogy is pretty alright. Neuromancer is the best but if you liked it you should check out Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive as well.

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his other trilogies are pretty good too. for me it would be like:
sprawl trilogy ~ apple ii
bridge trilogy ~ bondi blue imac g3
bigend trilogy ~ aluminium powerbook g4

i only read like 50 pages of the peripheral before giving up because i wasn't understanding a single thing. the atmosphere was really cool, especially the whole future cyber redneck thing.

| i also reccomend max headroom (the tv series). it was surprisingly good and the asthetics were pure 80s kino, like the entwork xxiii building being cross shaped.

| For a cyberpunk manga I would recommend Eden it's an Endless World.

| lots of great cyberpunk manga, one i can really recommend if youre into more atmospheric stuff is Blame!
really good for something with almost no dialogue

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Gibson's writing style is...frustrating. I'm not a native english speaker but I generally like to read in english. Neuromancer was the first book I've read that forced me to read some chapters multiple times and have a dictionary at my side all the time just to understand what was going on. It's definitely a book that benefits from multiple readings. I've never read the peripheral but I imagine it's the same deal or worse.

| Ghost in the Shell is a natural choice, manga and anime

| Blames author Tsutomu Nihei also made another cyberpunk-ish story called Noise. It's a one shot.

All of Ghost In The Shell's mediums are some of the best cyberpunk around of all time

As far as suggestions/mentions, I am surprised no one has spoke of Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita. Now that is a classic cyberpunk manga.

| Has anyone read/heard Qualityland? It's only kinda Cyberpunk and more dystopia but it has (potentially) sentient AI and a more unusual take on it. (It's a satire)

| Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash is fun, it's definitely a little satirical of cyberpunk but worth reading in its own right as well.

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