Black Fog Zine

| Hey, I edit a free internet zine called Black Fog Zine, which focuses on comics, illustrations, photography and haiku. There are also short stories, but atm I do not accept those for the newest issue.

I just wanted to make more people aware of it, as submissions for issue #4 are open.

All the details and all 3 issues released so far are on the website, https://blackfogzine.org/

If you wish to submit something, contact me through email or discord (both are listed on the website).

| Black Fog Zine is a great read and is created by friends of /u/. Consider checking it out and contributing to this publication g/u/rls!

| >>1011843 If it's written by "friends of /u/", why this thread on /lain/?

| This is so interesting btw

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