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Yanderes from anime, manga and games
How many times can you make someone nut by succ using ZA WARUDO?
In love with psycho-pass
Sites to buy obscure manga I'm having trouble finding?
New Year fun
Anime in a nutshell guessing
Eizouken A.K.A. Yuasa's not dead after all.
To your eternity Part 2
Apocalyptic/Semi-Apocalyptic + Ovearching Plot Combo Mangas

Who had been ripping all those anime raws, every single one per season
+ за пост
Dirty Pair: Another Danger/u/ Review
we should all love lain
JJBA and Baki Grappler together fanart would be :ok:
My favourite anime
Shonen vs Shoujo
Vibe check
Has anyone read any of these?
Hatsune Miku is an ancient evil that needs to be defeated.
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