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Why can't jojo fans admit it isn't good?
do not lewd platelets please
what the g/u/rls think about Inio Asano's mangas?
Why is boku no hero academia is so high rated?
Lain: 20th Anniversary
Explain me steins;gate
How thicc is too thicc?
Is Tokyo Ghoul manga worth it ?
DDLC Best Girl
Should I watch Darling in the Franxx?
Need something gay to read...
Is dabi the fucqueen shoutos brother?
Horror recs
Строительство в Крыму
Прикольные фотки
Tomo-chan Wa Onnanoko
Romance/Harem Anime
The First Legal Marriage Between a Man and a Country
Do you read Shingeki no Kyojin?
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