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کوی اردو بولتا ہیں؟
Chika fujiwara is the best waifu change my mind
Tomo-chan is over
Dr stone is basically Minecraft: the anime
Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a dungeon 2.
Hibike! Euphonium Movie 3
Open Source Lain
I feel bad for liking Cardcaptor Sakura after finding out it has a pedo teacherxstudent relationship in it
Lain is Open Source... but with a catch
Is the right word Sempai or Senpai?
Japan does it again
I'm a Netflix pleb. Which anime should I binge?
Cute girls and apocalyptic world.. and nihilism I guess
we should be more like russians.
First waifu and how you knew she's waifu material
One Punch Man s2
Thoughts on 3.0+1.0
Any show to make me care for anime once more?
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