Touhou Project

| I wonder if there is TH Project lovers outside Japan.

| Are you really wondering about that OP? Do you know how popular touhou is?
Just fumo memes are incredibly widespread lol

In my case, I know touhou project since 2019, and I only could win the touhou 6 (the cherry blossom one I think)
But I couldn't win without continues :(

And I've heard from other touhou fans that touhou 6 is like, the easiest one of them all... ._. ... So that is discouraging me of playing more...

| >>>/v/

| Happy Cirno day

| Cirno month and Cirno day.
Tons of fans from abroad Japan.

©irno 2021.

| Op how was the rock? I see you just emerged from under it

Also, yeah, we usually talk about Touhou more on /v

| >>786925
It's not as popular as it was years ago, but I think the fandom still going strong.

You don't mean Embodiment of Scarlet Devil? The next two games, especially Imperishable Night, are actually easier from what I've heard.

| >>787055 I don't remember well hehe but thanks you for the info, I may try the next touhous someday

| I've managed to beat all the mainstream touhou games on 1cc sadly all on normal mode >-< the only one I managed to 1cc on hard mode was IN.

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