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I miss...

| ...The Augmented Eye and Kira Miki's blog... What happened?

| Since last year... No more posts...

| Nobody writes them anymore
But I think it's written by too many people, too messy.
Don't know how to continue

| ...and i shot again.
And i miss...

(But really tho, i also want em back)

| >>/test/524448

Stormy said it'll continue again soon.

| Hmmm guess I fucked up, >>/test/524224

| >>526274 You made Dorothy cry. You really fucked up.

| If we could only make contacts to revive them soon enough, *Kira* Miki is basically dead at this point and we'd need some Jesus bull to bring her back

| I'm sorry, it's been too long since I've done this... I need to... please... pardon my rudeness... but.....

| *Kira* (/◕ヮ◕)/

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This thread is permanently archived