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Augmented Eye and Kira Miki

| These guys have been dead forever. Could we have more activity, perhaps? If the mods don't want to do anything with them, I think we could elect some people from /cyb/ to run them.

I'm putting this in /test/ because this is the closest board I could think of to mod-question land.

| I support this
Where big tittied android waifu at? ;-;

| I would love to write for the augmented eye personally.

| Why not have users submit something for the Augmented Eye and have mods review them, then approve them to be put on?


| Sure. Sorry, have been busy lately, so haven't been able to post recently. Kira Miki's disappearance arc will end with the next submission, however.

Her return will start on /cyb/.

| >>d5f533
Holy soykaf I cannot wait :D


| >>524506



| So excited!!! >>524506 +1 cannot furrackin' wait.

| Top 10 Anime Moments happening right now bb

(also my captcha : dear jest wakes)

| I only check Danger/burg/ from PC.
No links to *Kira* Miki or AE.


| >>524767

To reach Augmented Eye from PC: augmented.dangeru.us

For *Kira* Miki's blog: kiramiki.dangeru.us

| >>75814f shouldn't it be ⭐kira⭐miki.dangeru.us ?


| >>525134


| >>75814f It's 2019 goddamnit, I want emojis in my urls

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