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Damn this board is almost dead, tell me what you're playing now

| I refuse to let this board die, come on.

I'm still slowly going through Momodora Moonlit Farewell (I'm actually not sure if this counts as Momodora 4 or Momodora 5). Also recently started Ghostwire: Tokyo. Good stuff.

| I don't play anything lately but want to try quake O.O

| The Roottrees are Dead

| GTA IV. I've never finished the game, so I'm trying to reach the ending this time

| >>996908
Nice, how are you finding Moonlit Farewell? I recently finished it and am now replaying it with The Fool equipped (max health is capped at 1). It's really fun! It shows how well designed the enemy attack patterns and boss fights are that something like this is tough, but doable. There's always enough information given and tools to work with that nothing is impossible.

| >>996913
I'm still pretty early (fairy village right now). I was garbage at RutM (still love the game tho), so I'm surprised at how much easier MF is. Not in a bad way, it's easier to react and it's less punishing and overall more enjoyable, actually.

I'm not usually a fan of "floaty" platformers, but after getting used to it, MF feels great.

| Hearthstone.. btw we are close to 1m posts which isn't dead really

| elona

| >>996978
do the effects get less obnoxious? I had to put Moonlit Farewell down because some of the effects in the first 10 minutes gave me a headache. they just seemd like they were badly rendered and tacked on, and broke the visual style...

| Osrs and I just beat wytchwood

| Graven, Roadwarden and siege.

Also VTM and Symbaroum but those aren't video games.

| Final Fantasy XIV

| Grinding the hell out of isaac achievements. Soon persona 3 reload

| Lies of P,pinocchio got me questioning my sexuality

| I'm playing Alan Wake 2 very slowly because I'm a huge coward and loving every second of it

| i finished alan wake 2. currently playing The Last Of Us part 2 again. god i love that game. Looking into getting palworld but im poor

| restarted MHGU. i used to think the early game sucks but i'm liking the slow pace and gathering a lot this time

| Risk of Rain 2 and ngl it's dangerous. I rarely finish, much less complete games, but this game I've almost completed on one console and have started completing on another one
I need help

| Medieval 2 Total War: Beginning of the End Times modification.
Mount and Blade: Warband: Paradigm: Ultimate Thule Edition modification.
I love old games with giant modding communities but I'm trying to get into the chinese mods because they are insane. Mount and Blade basketbal mod???

| Jishogi

| Started playing Eternights yesterday... Kinda funny kinda cringe, it's certainly a game that exists

| I'm Brigadoring. I'm Brigadormaxxing and Brigadorpilled.

| >>997218 does brigador have a gyat?

| >>997003
You mean the visual effect? I got used to it but I wasn't too bothered in the first place. There's a "simpler player effect" in the settings, but I don't know what it does exactly.

| >>997179
You can complete Risk of Rain 2? I was under the impression it's a party game you play to mess around with your friends.

| >>997228 maybe they mean the unlocks? Only real way to complete the game

| >>997228 >>997240
The unlocks/achievements, yeah. I also haven't touched the multiplayer tbh, ot goes crazy as just a modifiable single player roguelike/lite

| I've been going on an off on MH Tri ultimate for since around may of last year. It's funny how what might end up as my most played Wii U game is being played 6 years after the console was relevant, and a couple of months before the servers shut down.
other than this I've been playing Rusted Moss and the Oot Master quest en espanol for the past couple of months.

| >>997219
Yes. Brigador has no shortage of gyatts, on god.

| Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, the best VR game for sad gun nerds like me

| Been really toned down on playing games lately. Been playing GBF, Reverse1999 and Mahjong Soul casually to pass some time. Other that that I just got back into Rimworld.

Also recently started Divinity 2 with my friend but he's busy with exams right now so waiting for him to finish first before we spend the next year or so slogging our way through the game.

>>997179 I love the first game but never actually tried RoR2 :skull:

| Towelket 1

| ball gay 3

| Going through Umineko with some friends. Its fun doing voices for the characters

| vrchat and warframe

| >>53c990
hmm gee wonder who those guys are

| playing Jagged Alliance 2. Got convinced after watching the warlockracy video, and even though it took some time to get used to, I can definitely see why it's considered a classic.

| Undertale Yellow

| Just booted up Touhou 13 for the first time in awhile to put off studying and got my first no-continues clear, albeit on easy. Was fun, but I was playing Sanae instead of Youmu so can I really be happy about it?

| Tokoyo Tower of Perpetuity

| Some friends convinced me to buy Sea of Thieves so I've been playing that all weekend


| been getting into armored core 6 PVP currently A rank an hoping to shoot for S

| >>998320
Is that community active at all? Cause hopping in some AC6 lobbies sounds really chill, but not if it takes 20min between matches, yk?

| I'm playing a lot of things since I like cycling through stuff so I don't get burnt out, but right now I'm gonna see if I get hooked back deep enough into Persona 3: Reload to end up shelving the other stuff I'm playing for a good while =w=

| >>3f7fa8 ive mostly been playing ranked havent played in any custom lobbies but ranked MM is pretty quick at least for the servers i play on

| Still playing Tekken 7 ranked. I'm not too good but surprisingly have made it to 12th dan. Must be becaus all the pros are playing Tekken 8 now.

| I only play mobile games

| Baldur's Gate 3 (Beat the Toddslop Edition) and Enter the Gungeon

| >>998649 any apps in particular?

| Now playing persona 3 reload

| >>999114 same

| >>998649 >>999144
There are only like 2 good mobile games in the entire world and they're both ports? The only game I play on my phone is Stardew Valley.

| picayune dreams, it's a 2d roguelike bullet hell with a pixel artstyle and a shit ton of breakcore

| also play no one lives under the lighthouse it's a good 3hr horror game

| Persona 3 Reload ! I like it

| Nothing together

| knuckle sandwich. it's pretty fun, but is a little lacking in story and severely lacking in number of battle themes.

| >>996908
1. Black Desert Online
2. Stardew Valley
3. Vampire Survivors
4. Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S
5. Postal 2

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