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What is your opinions about Steam profiles with long showcases?

| For explain, in Steam you can set on your profile things as your favourite game, screenshots, achievements, favourite steam group, custom text, perfectly finished games etc.. when is your level around 100+ you have 10+ showcases..

What would you think about such person who have it? I have a lot of them little, i personally like this aeshetics.. but i'm also thinking as.. is it annoying? i need 5 scrolls to get in my recently played games.. and 6 scrolls to check comments

| I think to keep it as this because i like it.. but i don't want my friends to hate me xd

| No opinions. None at all.

| Zero opinions. I think you're overestimating how much someone would care about the length of your profile.

| Honestly don't think anyone would care

| Only the owner give a single shit about steam account profile showcase.

| Some times they're cool, other times i don't care

| I only care when it's cool or cringe

Bad rats themed profile with a bunch of showcases, nice maymay

Nekopara, love me some horny cat girls

Edgy shit about the darkness inside you, that's getting posted in the discord

Otherwise I am physically incapable of giving a shit

| Who even looks at other peoples steam profiles?

| >>996024
I do, sometimes.

| >>996067
That's silly

| >>996024 I looked at pref's every few month

| >>996076
Sometimes when you meet cool people you check out their profiles and if you like the same games you might make a new friend. You know, common sense stuff non-loners do all the time.

| >>996086
>play videogames
>cool people
>new friend
lol lmao

| >>995884 >>995885 irl some people acted weirdly to me as "why you have so many games", "can i buy your steam account for 400€? no? what price would you want for it?" "why you have this sex/anime game in account?", "you could buy car for this no?" etc.. and when i add someone "casual" this person is usually shocked.. some people was behave little stalking like and scary too..

>>996086 i agree.. people in my country are jealous too about some things in general..

| paradoxically i found more kind people in online communities than irl, because they often judge this kind of things.. i tried make private/"casual" looking account few years back but when you have 4k games, or highest level from your friend's friendlist, it's little difficult.. so i decided opposite way to don't care anymore.. but is maybe difference have "normal" high level account and than "noodle" site which is looking as forum post with 20-30 articles

| >>996101
Sounds like a you problem.

| I tend to flip though someone's profile I see occasionally, though I almost never use steam as a social platform.
Feels a bit like the digital version of a "Youtube Gamer shelf". But I guess it comes off as less soulless to me?. Like both are literally showing off yet ppl don't care as much > less incentive > It feels more genuine.
feels a bit like when you go to a backlog of a long-time artist's profile, you can see and you can see how they've changed.

| I wouldn't think less of any person that has a detailed steam profile, when I look at them I try to find if their's tastes in games and things is close to mine
I do look at people's profiles as well every now and then, specially if it's a cool person I found on TF2

About displaying erotic/sex games and the like, I just get surprised about it (if it's something like furry stuff) but I don't think bad of it

| >>996725 erotic games i don't show purposely, but yes they are in activity when are played first time, games library (but there are lost because of thousands games) or when adding in wishlist

| >>996132 the cars comment is perfect lol, I like how people just programed to spend their life saving on a metal box that needs to be fueled, maintained, insuranced, depreciates every year, and eventually break down. Even worse, peer presuring others to do the same, even if the car money is enough to support more than 2 hobbies.

I bought disgaea game with 10$ and got like hundreds of hour from it. 15 years from now, I can still play if I want. Can't do the same with cars.

| >>996134 you sound like a faggot

| >>996780 i just tell things what i remember and got really heared from people xd car comment i heared 3x.. one of them was coming from one my close friend irl, but i don't think he thought it wrongly, he is still nice, but it's little surprising definitely. I believe i could spend around 2000€ in total on my Steam account, (after 10 years of having it) so theoretically i could buy used car from second-hand (without rest) for this price, but i'm not sure if i would want really xd

| But yes, i'm kind of weird people what have in home almost every console, reading game news daily, using anime profile picture etc. xd same i had it about lego too (before need to move in smaller flat).. about car, because of newly diagnosed epilepsy i can't even have it for upcoming 1 year, and after i plan to drop these pills, which means i can't have car for upcoming +2 years also.. after, i would may thinking about it if i had "free" money what i have no usage for

| but i live in historical city which is full of tourists, with limited parkings places where you need to pay for them 400€/month, and after this you don't have garantee to park because it's historical city xd so buses are more effective.. and when i need out.. flixbus/airplane are probably somehow cheap, and you can sleep while travel.. car probably isn't my priority really now..

>>996780 i didn't played it yet, but i hope that is fun ^^

| >>995867
thanks for letting me know this feature exists, I better make sure my steam profile is blank!
>only plays in offline

| >>996807 nah, that's what make you yourself. If you trade all your collection of lego, games, and console for a car that you don't really want, you'll be no different from the average jane.

| >>997004 for steam points you can buy totally black background, you can may like this
>>997011 I don't have (most) lego anymore sadly.. about consoles, i keep them, I'm thinking maybe give up once of my vita or wii u.. but i want finish there all games which i have in my list.. and later, i would just save them somewhere probably because they are cheaper than on release date. I don't collect all consoles, only these where are exclusives titles which i would want to play..

| In my collection i only miss ps4/5.. but news are little wild now and maybe I won't need it anymore..

Maybe new 3ds xl (but i have switch lite)

And maybe any xbox console after xone.. because i never had original xbox, x360 but I'm not sure if i should get it for maybe one only game.. around Xbox i never liked crossed controller layout, and offered games was always little weird

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