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FG players: is getting tired of your main normal?

| Recently, I've been finding the prospect of playing my character and labbing to be tedious. I've bounced around the roster a bit and there's a couple other characters that look fun to play, and I'm feeling the telltale pull to learn them after testing them for a bit. Learning a new character is a time investment, I know, but more than "is it worth it to pick up a new character", I'm more interested if anyone else deals with this? (1/2)

| Most people I hear from find their character of choice pretty quick and stay married to them, usually only changing when a new character is released that suits them better. It's not game burnout as much as character burnout, which I don't really hear content creators discuss.

| thanks god I'm a shoto only g/u/rl

| I usually hover around 2-3 characters, but in strive i happened to be hit by a full on character crisis months and months ago and i haven't recovered yet. Went through half the cast and i don't know who to stick to

| But hey, if you have one or two chars you like, go for it.

In most FGs i have one main main, and then a couple of sub characters i play. It's healthy to vary a bit from time to time.

What's the game and who's your main if you don't mind me askin?

| in this case, it's strive. I bounced around the roster before settling on Ky, and he's served me well since the beginning of season 2 when I started playing for real. When Johnny released, I started trying him out, and I've loved playing as him. He's definitely a contender, but I'm also looking at some of the other midscreen warriors like Nago. Ky is stronger than he gets credit for, but idk. he isn't exciting me recently.

| I've still got so much to learn as Ky, I feel a little guilty that I won't be exploring the tech I haven't learned yet, and I also can't be sure it's not just the new car smell that a new character brings and I'll end up in the same spot but with a character I'm worse at.

| Just play Johnny for a while, maybe you'll stick to him, maybe you'll go back to ky. Let it flow naturally.

Like, my longest main has been Gio, but i played quite a bit of I-no and Faust before landing on her. And then i got hit by character crisis and played a bit of Pot, Baiken, Ram, Jack-o, but no character currently resonates with me so im on the Slayer4dlc cope train

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