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| I'm close to finishing Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne so I thought I'd start a thread.
I already played smt I and II and I thought they had a lot of cool ideas despite the badly aged genre. I feel like the games get kinda less engaging after the initial narrative-driven phase. In SMT III it's even worse and the story feels almost like an afterthought. thoughts?

| Someone who doesn't like SMT III??? They exist???

I've only played IV, V, and Strange Journey. IV's concept is pretty cool, but I think they kinda fumble the story as it's being told. V has the most polished gameplay but the story is bland as cardboard. Strange Journey was peak, but it's been ages since I played it so who knows if that's true.

Outside the mainline, my fav Megaten is Devil Survivor, but I hated DeSu 2.

| >>995564 I don't dislike SMT III, it's a solid game for sure, I just feel like it doesn't handle its pacing well, which means I end up playing it in bursts rather than regularly. maybe the issue is just with me tho

| >>995541 I don't think the story is just an excuse to make the first 3D SMT game. If you have played SMT I and II, you'll realize how Nocturne meticulously designed to broke out from the SMT formula.

You get your "law" and "chaos" hero, but they never join your party. Half demon MC who can use magic and doesent rely on tech and guns. Instead of adventure in post/pre apocalypse world, you are in the middle of one.

| How it breaks elestablished alignment system, and decided to adapt a death game approach between reasons (how Yosuga is supposed to be the chaos alignment, but they end up being supported by angels)

In a way, Strange Journey carries a lot more SMT I&II DNA than Nocturne. They way they decides to present Nocturne story does make it look like an afterthough. But if you try and look for analysis vidoes on SMT games, you'll find a lot more on Nocturne than other SMT mainline entry.

| SMT3 is my all time favourite of the megaten series including Persona spinoffs. the vibes are immaculate, the stripped down, compressed jams comprising of dad rock, sludgy tones, & Zach de la Rocha arguing with a german shepherd inside a shipping container, & the tenuous feelings of brief humanity you feel every time you talk to a friendly npc (reminiscent of dark souls) just hit this note for me

& then pixie. just-best sidekick. 10/10. that moment always makes me tear up happily

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