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| It's rumored that it's going to be a subscription based service. The game itself may even lack the number and instead will be just called Grand Theft Auto™ and they will periodically release updates with new stories, maps, cars. Online will be encouraged

| ok thanks

| What's the deal with this "rumored" bs anyway? Did some journalist think it was a good headline or what?

| im not hyped at all for GTA VI, i really love GTA IV AND RDR 1 & 2, but GTA V for me was ass, the campaign was boring asf and the online is pure modern gaming shit, and from what i have heard GTA VI is gonna be more like GTA V than RDR 2 or GTA IV, so fuck Rockstar

| >>988388 GTA 5 is McDonald's of gaming

| lol it's 2025, probably 1 year in console jail and 2026 on PC. Just block it from your memory for 5 years from now and buy it on steam sale on 30% off

| >>988605 what is KFC of gaming?

| >>988764 KFC dating sim

| >>988764 definitely not fried chicken the video game

| >>988864 ohhh this game is actually fun but mcdonalds have gameboy game already too..

| I wish kfc console release

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This thread is permanently archived