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Realising that I like the process of buying games more than actually playing them

| I was staring at the Autumn Sale doing math of how many games I can afford and nitpicking which to get and looking up reviews and howlongtobeat etc etc and then it hit me that...

I actually have a lot of games I haven't finished already. Hell I have games I haven't even played yet. And yet here I am looking for more games to buy.

| I feel insane. Every time I sit down with a new game I just want to go back and play a game I already have 1000 hours on. And yet I'm willing to sit an hour or two wondering which game I should buy next. What am I even doing

| The profit motive is the root of evil.

| I try to play cave of qud plenty of time but, just go back to Elona too. comfort of doing something you familiar with can hold you back from doing new things sometime

| Same but I got this Touhou RPG I really like now. It's the first new game I've enjoyed since Yakuza 7.

| Come to Argentina, you can't buy games anymore here hahaha... Ha...
I have the same problem, but with different reasons. Yesterday I had my dayoff and just when I was about to choose what to play, I frooze, had anxiety and started doing chores. Once I was finished, I kept adding things to do instead of playing until it was too late at night and could only play the usual for 40 minutes.
I don't mind beign productive, I'm scared I can't relax anymore.

| >>987345 I think you need a merchant simulator game

| >>987345 I'm on 3.6-3.9K of games and slowly getting on 4K (maybe i will reach 50K earlier than 50K Chan) xd

Btw. If you want improve your collection allkeyshop, humblebundle, fanatical etc. Are your good friends. Also on SteamDB exists script which will activate you all free games.

>>987532 i was always joking about to visit Argentina would be cheaper than way how i buy games, but recently they made update and is little expensive now, but still better than us/eu

| Collection itself is ok i think..
Real demons are fomo and choice paralysis.

If you want ask anything just tell me.. i will watch this thread

| >>987532 i don't live in sa, and i'm not sure how economy works there.. but maybe you can try get steam keys of games what you want to (look for LATAM)

Not all games have steam keys, but some specific games can have it.. i guess these keys will may become more expensive in time.. but you should try to check them if you didn't

| i have yhe exact same mentality with modding skyrim g/u/rl

| >>987691
Op here. The thing is, I don't want to *have* a huge game collection. I want to want to *play* the games I have.

I'm not that rich either. I feel a tad guilty if I spend money for a game but then didn't end up playing or enjoying it.

| >>987949 >>c3fe0f >>998422 here.
to be honest, when i made steam and so my original goal wasn't collect games either. i wanted few games as garry's mode, cs:s, cs:go.. than few classics as spore or lego games.. dino d-day was look awesome (giveaway) and than i saw things as Humble Bundle and BundleStars (Fanatical now) exists. later i found out that get games isn't so difficult. if you have some game key, you can swap it with people and get another additional value and so..

| my spends are around 10-20€/month.. which is maybe high, (specially in long time), but maybe less than for example smoking.. and i dare to say it's maybe some way of my life style, just as drinking cola.. last year i somehow realise (specially after how steam bloated is) i limited my collection only to things what i got free.. wishlist.. and game from publishers i know.. (my wishlist have 3k items) which is high.. but less than my old quote "gotta catch'em all" from 2014/15 xd

| but about your problem.. i recommend you make financial plan.. personally i have rule HB Choice (subscription) and 10€/month.. (you can have different) usually i'm buying games in bundles and sales/gray market. also i'm active in trading so i swap games what i got mistakenly more than 1.. which helped me to get some games what i wouldn't buy xd and i don't feel i would waste money as far they makes me happy (or at least better) than before purchase.

| i think you are at "beginning" probably, and you just found out magic of steam xd i suppose you will probably stopping watching steam around and just watching releasing bundles.. you can may like epicbundle.com (author is sick now sadly, but i use it for years) or gg.deals (too big for me)

if you know you won't play some game anymore, i can recommend to hide it.. it's ok if you drop some game if you don't like it. just be happy about your decisions ^^ but don't feel guilty please

| Same, that's me. I have thousands of games, keep buying them, but always end up playing dungeon crawl stone soup. Jfc, how do I end this? It's tsundoku, but for games.

| if you have in mind you want play something and get guilty feeling you should play something else.. first thought idea is probably better option. >>987973 including you

some people may will judge your profile.. honestly i still didn't learn how to answer this kind of people.. but there also exists people who won't and will be nice to you.. these people are best i think <3

| >>987973 i saw meme about it btw. you may saw it too?


| if i can be honest, i refer about my steam library as wonderland. sometimes is rising, sometimes is getting smaller (i hide games what i won't play anymore), but always is there anything to explore. But if you are tired to explore, it's totally ok, and you can rest on calm place as playing CS, or playing with friends some poor made niche game. just as far you have fun. (and don't look for perfect options, good are enough)

| the thlng that makes me feel good about my collection is the idea that ill give my account to my nephew when hes okd enough

| >>988183 it sounds honestly nice.. honestly i'm lonely a lot so i never thought like this before.. but since i use it as my main social network.. and i have there als some nsfw things on my profile and in library.. i don't think it would be good thing for nephew or so xd i think if i had kid or so, i would create standalone account.. maybe do limited family sharing.. (only few games) and so..

| This is op and I have found a partial solution to my predicament. I just subscribed to Game Pass, so instead of agonizing over which game to get I can just download any of these, play for half an hour, then move on without worry.

| Man I miss the time when humble was goat, these days every bundle is either full of ass games or stupid self help books

| >>988290 recent warner and namco bundles was nice.. but others i agree, are somehow weird

>>988243 i was try trial, i had it free.. flight sim was fun, train sim idk which one wasn't bad.. but others just didn't interest me

| i wanted to buy Minecraft since 2014 and i always got short of money everytime i want to play it, cmon microsoft put Minecraft to 9 dollars again

| Win10 edutio was pretty cheap for 2€ in past upgradable to Java

| You g/u/rls are paying for your games? That's kind of cringe

| Consumer brain. Was definitely like that when I was younger. Gotta grow up some day though

| >>988725 as trader with steam keys i can tell i know also dads of families what have sons, VR systems, multiple consoles etc. I don think they will ever grow up

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