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Are videogames dead?

| Or are you too dead inside to enjoy them anymore?

| The latter, easy.

| It really is just about finding the ones you enjoy rather than the popular ones that don't fill you up at all.

| play signalis

| Do NOT play Signalis.

| >>986772 :(

| Elona

| >>986762 both

| >>986762 which games you used to enjoy?

problem with videogames (and environment industry in general) is that games what are made now aren't genre-breaking. WoW for MMO, AC for action open-world, Crash for 3D platform, RE for horror etc. but instead experimienting/making new IPs they usually follow what have success.

| In cinematography it's little same, another Hunger games, Godzilla, Akira remake, Miyazaki movies, Wonka etc. Are these movies good? i believe yes. Are they innovative? probably not. But they have high potential to attract fans of originals movies or these what missed.

in games are "new" trends, releasing them game-as-service, which bring them free, but with microtransactions. Is it good? depends. Are games simplified? probably yes. Would you want original controls? probably not.

| >>986772 do play Signalis

| >>986780
Play Signalis

| Become Signalis

| >>986782 games as service is completely bad actually not depends

| >>986782
Godzilla fan here: Godzilla vs Kong was trash and the next Monsterverse film looks like more trash(literally just fighting another kong). Japanese stuff has been more consistently good(Urobuchi films were godawful). Generally a good time to be a Godzilla fan.

| >>986850 na gvk was fun aside from the b-plot with the stranger things kid. wish they couldve gotten mcreary back or literally anyone else for the soundtrack tho


| >>986818 they bring also positives as you don't need pay money for them or longer update support. Some games would be already dead if they wasn't updated or didn't have larger community. Check old call of duty games vs. new ones, CS 1.6 x CS2, Titanfall x Apex etc.

>>986850 godzilla x kong don't exists, but i look forward about godzilla minus one

>>986858 fomo is curse

| do not play fucking signalis. fuck that shitty game.

| Your fault for being a giga zoomer who can't play anything but the newest AAA games.

I still enjoy my nice single player games; JRPG and colony sim that I can play for 100 hours+

| >>986902 >shitty opinion detected. Castration advised

| >>986853
Kong spent the entire film jobbing and then they wanted us to believe he was any kind of threat to Godzilla, only to bring out the worst, fugliest and stupidest Mechagodzilla to ever hit the screen. 3/10, shit movie.
>godzilla x kong don't exists
Based response

| >>986957 its been a while since i watched it but i never got any impression kong was supposed to be a threat at all, they were trying to protect him from godzilla rather. i think mechagodzilla was kindof wasted, think it shouldve had its own movie, but i kindof like the goofy design, its weird. its not the best movie for sure, but its p far from the worst either imo

| >>986958
Far from the worst isn't saying much when it's easily the worst in the Monsterverse series, at least until the next one comes out. And they have definitely been trying to portray Kong as an equal to Godzilla but even the writer's can't handle the mental gymnastics to make it work, which is why New Empire looks to be even worse.

| Yeah, I can't really play games anymore by myself, just doesn't feel the sake. I can play fine if other people are with me or if I steam on discord or smth. I wish I could enjoy them like I use to

| >>987053 mmm ill give it another watch soon, i havent seen it since shortly after it came out, maybe im misremembering it

| i used to play roblox all the time as a kid then grew up and just stopped and started playing secret laboratory more

| >>987104 one seppuku pls, ty

| Play hello charlotte

| I have been enjoying sooo many games, specially old stuff

| >>987189
tell me more. srsly, i'd like to know

| if you think new games are bad just go dive on sites like myabandonware and see if you find anything you like

| Play ultrakill
Shove coins into urethra

| >>987211 I've been playing Parappa the Rapper, Gregory Horror Show, Magician's Quest, Touch Detective, Legend of Legacy, Hotel Dusk 215. Look for DS games, there are some unique gems there truly.

| a couple days before I realized the community are killing the games so quickly. when the friday night funking was popular I really enjoyed the mods, there where a lot of fun chars, characters, music, etc, but the players instead of appreciate they prefer only dificulty song and most of the "creepy" mods, no good music, no well sone chars, no original/creative characters only really hard songs and crepipasta characters

| the same experience I got playing league, I played in the first seasons when the game wasn't really popular. years later I was really annoyed whit the fucking community and usuals players been really stupid. so no long ago I played the game again but muting all and don't look for communitys and shit most of my match are playing with friends, I was thing "no I don't thing I will enjoy the game like before" and you know what I am having fun

| More like "dead", it is oversaturated with flashy fast-to-consume oriented perks.
I refuse to turn into "play the old stuff grrr" mentallity (unless it is ds games). Go insted for indie devs. And some really obscure ones. Try to follow those games in development. It has happened that some games were good in beta or alpha before launch because that's when they add microtransactions and shit to make the product profitable after release

| I play old polish shit, and I am happy

| I’m having so much fun with system shock remake

| >>986807 Ich möchte, dass Falke meine Herrin ist.

| >>987634 grammatically incorrect german detected. Wrong comma setting and wrong usage of das with double s.
Ich möchte das Falke meine Herrin ist. would be correct.

| Are weediogams mother?

| Enjoying returnal. A shame it wasnt optimized on pc but the stutter is pretty tolerable

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