| Pretty sure there was a thread on this board about a Touhou-based Minecraft server? It was just yesterday, but it'a gone now. Why was it deleted?

| Something something maids and advertisement. vOv

| >>986652 this is why. It was obviously an advertisement and the IP had no other posts associated with it. I figured everyone would be fine with me deleting the ad.

| Was it? It just feels like someone sharing a place they like.

I don't play Minecraft so I got no skin in the game. I just feel like the board is empty enough as it is, if somebody want to talk about a Minecraft server, why not. And if no one replies, it's not like it's clogging up anything.

| ゆっくりしていってね!!!

| Armpits sex
>>986663 *fucks your mouth*

| >>986668 It was totally an ad. But if you g/u/rls want to talk about it, I'll leave the text of the post below. The title of the thread was "Yukkuricraft," and the post was as follows:

| Yukkuiri cradt is where the nicest people i ever meet in minecraft

Its a touhou fan server

come look:


| >>986716 *fucks your mouth*

| >>986717 ni66a craft

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