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What game do you think deserves to be GOTY?

| And why is it Street Fighter 6?

| The incest of Andy and Leyley

| gollum gollum gollum

or this one

| Anything but mid gate 3

| Pizza Tower

| signalis

| Baldur's Gate 3 but only because it has good pro-consumer practices and the other game companies need to wake up and learn from it

| We Love Katamari Reroll
My favorite game of 2023 is from 2005

| signalis brought me so much despair, agony, hatred, loathing, love, and passion so I'm going with signalis

| Hifi Rush

| Was gonna say Elden Ring before I realised it's from last year... Well it's MY GotY

| >>986144 +1

| >>986124 so we giving GOTY based on good marketing now? cool, wonder how low can we go

| elona

| Project Zero

| >>986206
Only reasonable choice, really

| >>986271

| Strike Force Heroes - Steam release GOTY confirmed no joke

| Slay the Princess

| >>986271 What did think it's bad about the game? Please, explain to us

| >>986528 since you say please. a bit ranty but here ya go

| It's mid at best and boring at worst. It's very hard for me to hate something, especially video games, but BG3 miraculously achieved the impossible. Despite being a story-driven role-playing video game, for the life of me, I cannot find a hint of motivation to play this game. The longest I play this game in a single session is 4 hours a week after full release from a Steam family borrowing system. Thanks to God, I never pay for this thing.

| I don't care about any of the companions at all whatsoever; every single one of them annoyed the hell out of me or bore me to death. The only one I like is Gale until the first "romance" event(?), where he proceeds to teach me a feeling of magic or whatever and then gets horny for no fucking god damn reason, rinse and repeat with every sigle fucker in a camp, every shithead is a damn cat in heat ffs.

| I never see a god damn normal video game being so damn horny, almost as if I downloaded a fan-made horny mod dialogue written by some rando on AO3. I can't take any of them seriously if they're going to be this one dimension of a character, romance-wise. Here is how I feel about the companions I have met so far:

| alien lady is fucking annoying, shadowheart is fucking annoying, Gale is okay for the most part, one eye dude is boring af, demon heart lady is an incarnate of either a high school or college girl and thus fucking annoying, I love the voice acting though, too bad her dialogue is mostly dogshit, Astarion is as if the writer wrote him to make fun of gay dudes and not for inclusivity for the gay dude republic, idk about bear guy and anybody else since I didn't reach them.

| Isn't it wild how a game with such grandiose opening can be so boring and bland? I don't want to explore anything, and I don't want to pick up anything since the inventory is quite possibly the worst inventory I ever see in my life. They have absolutely no excuse for this piece of shit excuse of an inventory system in 2023.

| I don't know if this shit or daggerfall has the worst inventory ffs. They have worked on this game for six fucking years, and yet no one cares to make a system that you use almost as much as taking a shit to have a basic function like type tab? somehow they make it into a managing nightmare not only just inventory for everyone in the party but also leveling and perks for every single party member, and if you switch them based on what you need, it's more than 4, but 5 or even 6.

| It's so fucking annoying that I have to choose every single thing for them. Since there are unique party members, I wish there were their own set of skills and perks set by default or something, since there are unique party member I wish there were their own set of skill and perk set by default or something, since this game already has a customizable character from Boney Dude to begin with.

| But I'm sure story isn't the main allure for this game because of how incoherent and messy it is; the main allure must be other aspects like roleplay since this game is based of/inspired by DnD 5E. According to the media, this game has so many paths, choices, and consequences that have never happened before in video game history.

| Yeah, all three of them being good, neutral, or bad, like in literally any video game that has choices and your action has consequences? Yeah, sure, you can save some NPCs and they show up later in Balder Gate, which is probably the biggest change you can make outside of the main story progression path. Is that supposed to be impressive? Black Soul, an indie RPG maker, has better NPC-related consequences than this.

| Engaging with hostile NPCs is either you win a dice roll or fail and start combat, and that's it. Other skill check-related shit too; it's either you win a roll or you don't. I expected major branching paths on most fail checks, like disco elysium, but nah, they're barely of that in this game, if any. I heard there are, but I personally have not encountered one yet.

| Since this game is based on DnD, they also based the combat on DnD, and good fucking god, I hate it so much. quite possibly the worst aspect of this game, tbh. This combat system works in DnD because DnD is a tabletop game where you take your turn once after earth makes a full round rotation and not every couple seconds like BG3's Dos2 larian combat.

| If you miss in DnD, it's "whatever too bad" kinda deal. If you miss in BG3, you're done fucked up and gonna get shank by 8 other enemies. Since you're almost always at a disadvantage because Larian doesn't know how to balance shit and just throws you in an ambush or outnumbers your party, diceroll combat in this game is god awful. There are so many occasions where I try to ambush enemy with 86~ percentage with advantage and high ground and still miss.

| Nothing is reliable, and I have to remind myself that "this shit is going to miss" every time I plan to chain attack an enemy and finish combat because it's not going to happen. I'm going to miss, or the damage roll gonna be dogshit, or the enemy is going to save roll this. It's an orgy of RNG where strategy doesn't matter as much as advantage and high ground since you can't hit shit otherwise.

| Larian also buffed AC of most of the enemies I encounter from 5E for some reason, and thus I can't hit shit or deal dogshit damage to everything since this fucking game scales everyone to your level for some reason. I fought two minotaurs at level 4, and they're easier than a goblin group because they're all level 4 too, underdark, more like underwhelming and easy, af bc fucking scaled to my level and made everything so easy I could barely keep my eyes open.

| Also, this game shouldn't be called Baldur Gate 3. It's a new divinity with an IP cast and setting. (btw starting sequence is literally the same as ddos2, so they must really like this scenario, huh?)

| TLDR. This game is literally a conspiracy by the big game journalist trying to gaslight you to like an awfully bland game with no innovation or soul so they can lower the AAA video game developer in the future. Wake the fuck up! It's a video game journalist's denpa bitch! There are a lot more I can shit on this game, but that's the gist of what I think is bad about this game

| *lower the expectation AAA video game developer

| >>986571 that has been the norm for the last decade tho

| >>986581 I know g/u/rl. And it's just going to keep worsen every year until consumer stop consuming thus never gonna happen

| >>4427ab
lmao gurl, get a blog

| >>986570
I was nodding along to your review but this is uncalled for. You can say you dislike something a lot of people like but you don't get to slander them for it.

| >>986567
This is just D&D in general, my players fail to combo shit all the time. It's not unique to BG3. No risk, no reward.
Most of my D&D buddies like BG3 because the combat is faster than at the table.
>for some reason
DM here, it's probably because a lot of stock D&D enemies go down very fast as they are. My players are currently level 6 and they wiped a CR 10 golem(HP 178, AC 17) like it was nothing in two turns.

| >>986674 yeah, I kinda forgot to say stuff about why dnd combat is more suited for tabletop game than a video game. Combat is very subjective I think. I just don't like it when ppl say you can do whatever you want, how ever you want, then proceed to place 50 oil barrel and did the same thing every other ppl do. How can you just drop oil barrels and none of the NPCs care about it? Even in skyrim you can't just drop stuff anywhere. Why ppl praise something dev oversight is beyond me

| >>986691
>How can you just drop oil barrels and none of the NPCs care about it?
Because it makes for a fun puzzle-like gameplay?

Sure you could add another tedious roll to see if the NPCs find it suspicious or not but why would you? The only people who "care" are people who are actively looking for stuff to complain about about. No one else really cares about it and it doesn't add much if anything to the gameplay to change it.

| >>986555 sounds like a you problem, i have 200 hours on it and i still want to play it

>>986556 mostly taste, horniness is a bit overtuned but hardly a big problem

>>986559 exploration is a you problem, it's full of interesting stuff basically everywhere. And if you have a way to fix the inventory write it to Swen, the CEO of Larian, like he asked.

>>986561 "party chars are not a prefab and you pick their playstyle and skills" and that's a bad thing why?

| >>986563 just wrong, while you have a main "good" and "evil" path for main quests, that's not what the game specilises in. The game specialises in the little interactions that make a world of difference. Did you pick up x item/ learn some info/ have a specific spell? Good, You have opened up a new pathway in a quest. Are you a paladin of an evil god? You can solve x encounter just by talkin to em.
The game is full of variations and quest endings that are often morally dubious.

| But you wouldn't know cuz you haven't finished any of them

| >>986565 i'd argue the 5E works better in BG3 than on tabletop. Especially for martial classes. Like, i played a warlock, i might as well do other stuff with the other characters. It's kinda boring to wait 15 minutes between turns cuz the wizard doesn't remember his spell list and your turn is then just "eldritch blast" and maybe it even misses

>>986567 >>986568 literally a skill issue. Larian also buffed tf out of most classes and the magic items you can get, so get exploring

| >>986570 just say you're burned out of playing videogames and you're bitter cuz you wish you could enjoy games like bg3 the same way you did back in the day when you'd get back from school and boot up a game with a cool concept but the worst code ever created and you were still happy.

| >>986691
>Even in skyrim you can't just drop stuff anywhere.
Yeah you can. OCCASIONALLY someone might return it to you, but more often than not they just give a stock line and move on. What you're complaining about has more to do with the limitations of video games than problems unique to BG3.

| Armored Core 6 was fire ngl
I don't think I've played any other game that came out this year that compares to it for me personally

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