| Any of you g/u/rls play vrchat? What do you like to do in it?

| Being depressed

| Gooning

| >>985322
Hell yeah

| >>985356 we do be cutting our wrist amiright or amiright?

| >>985358
uright uright fr fr

| >>985358 wrists, upper arms, thighs, tummy and tittys :3

| I mostly hangout in the sign language world, hop around a lot, spooky world's, erp ect ect.

| I silently lurk in the corners of public worlds shaking while trying to hype myself up enough to talk then failing.

| I get drunk then start fights with people and win them all cuz I'm drunk and don't care

| I watch movies and hang out with friends. They end up talking and using haptic feedback and sign language and I just watch the movie, since I don't have a vr rig

| Yes, vrchat, I'm drinking there. I look at the statistics in Steam and see that over several years I have been drinking for about 1000 hours. Eww ..

| I don't have a vr rig so for me it's just chat,not much point really

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