Coffin of Andy and Leyley

| I found this game thanks to twitter and played the demo and aside from the edgy writing, it's actually kind of interesting?

I don't even care about the internet drama, the lore has totally caught my attention though. we have a company seemingly fake a pandemic and lockdown a building just so they can harvest organs and starve those deemed worthless, while the siblings are fucked up in the head in ways I can't describe in op. havent checked ep2 yet so idk lole

| Is it play Worthy? I want something to play during the 21 days remaining of nnn and got bored of playing porn games without jerking it


| i played it for the meme but it was honestly pretty good (for a 15 dollar rpg maker game). wish it was longer but i guess it'll get finished eventually

| Twitter seem to like the game I think is mid(bg3), and hate the game I thought have pretty cool showcase of codependency character. No one seem to bitch and moan when needy streamer overdose showcased menhera culture and said nothing about it either. Mass media always somehow find a way to have worst taste and opinion imaginable all the time huh?

| seems like a fairly average, decent itch.io game to me, i do like the art though
both true and cope

| is this the insect game

| Kinda funny that Twitter loves everything awful but somehow draws the line at the game with 1 line hinting at incest

| this game convinced me that cute girls should be allowed to kill people for fun

| >>985227
I believe there's a demo on itch.io for the first episode, just avoid the fanbase during NNN

No but do consider playing bug fables

The only thing twitter achieved with the outburst is by making the game even more popular than it already is.

No but really, seeing people give it hate and free publicity is the only reason why I know of this game.

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