atmospheric games

| anything that gives you the lonely feels! stalker, signalis, pathologic, etc.

| This is gonna sound weird, but Megaman Legends. The dungeons have genuinely spooky vibes that even some survival horror games fail to capture.

| I like driving at night in euro truck simulator 2

| Sunless Skies

| I played all three games in the OP, do I get a trophy?
I'd recommend Metro 2033, though. The original, not the Redux. Frustratingly, it doesn't actuallylike leaving you alone, but when it does, the game *works*.
Far Cry 2 is also pretty good about this.

| Northern Journey and Peripeteia comes to mind and I guess maybe Golden Light.

| elona

| >>985115 why not the redux? It's the same exact game just in the Last Light engine. I find the og to be clunky as hell

| Off

| >>985214 based

| >>985214 tfw you kill ex-wife and infant child

| >>985137
The visuals of Redux is like a mockery of the impeccable atmosphere of the original. It's such a massive downgrade.
Also, the clunkiness is soulful. I don't expect you to understand this.

| >>985317
I liked the redux but i also played it a long time ago
Soul in games is based as hell

| >>985318
Consider the Uboinik's reload animation in vanilla 2033: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI50Ekjbpmc
It's a little minigame in itself. If you mess it up, you load only five shells instead of six. The devs had no reason to do this, it's not something you do by accident! It's stupid! It's needless! It's soulful, and I love it!

| >>985341 i'll gladly trade one reload for all the gameplay and AI improvements the game received. Hell, the "minigame" is literally just "hold R instead of tapping it"

| Freud Gate

| >>985411
I'm willing to make a lot of sacrifices to experience a stellar atmosphere like the original game had. But you do you. I can't stop you from taking Objectively Incorrect Decisions™.

| >>985441 you sound like the type of guy that thinks modding stalker is for "losers that don't understand the art in the out-of-sync gun sounds"

| >>985506
How ironic it is, then, that I'm currently doing a playthrough of a heavily-modded STALKER. Specifically, Secret Trails 2, an old and gay mod for ShoC.
I like it when the game immerses me, and I don't mind a little jank. There's not much to it.

| >>985506 i think people playing stalker in any way (modded, unmodded) are losers.. but multiplayer was actually little fun for few hours

| >>985560 this is true. I've already played stalker for so long...hundreds of hours. and I'm a loser. Everything coincided.

| Silent Hill 3, especially the begining mall area give off such an amazing atmosphere. any of the (SH games 1-4 only ofc) will give you a really nice atmosphere

| Halo odst really under rated. The city parts hit that perfect blend of it, playing on harder difficulty makes it better too since it gets rid of the whole " I can run and gun and be a 1 man army"

| Peripeteia

| >>985842 sick game.

| Old minecraft, feels lonenely

| youve probably already played it but portal 1 has maybe my favorite atmosphere in any game ever. lonely and abandoned and kinda sad but in kinda comfy ways. come back to it all the time, like a second home

| Sunless sea is pretty neat. Makes me wish there's a game exactly like it but in a 3d space. Being on a boat sailing across an underwater ocean would be pretty damn atomspheric, occasionally marked by distant screams and weird sounds and shit

| >>986410
Have you played Dredge yet? Fewer exploration and more chill fishing, but it got the sailing on a creepy ocean atmosphere down.

| LSD Dream Simulator

| >>986418
This too

| The 1.0 version of No Man's Sky will always be an interesting example of this.

They've changed the game a lot since launch to make the universe feel more active but 1.0 just nails the "lonely in space" idea that none of the changes after really match.

For something you can play rn, SMT Nocturne has really good atmosphere.

| Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines must be one of the most athmospheric games there is but since the NPCs are so well written it won't necesarily make you feel lonely.

| Signalis has a cool athmospher

| OP, please play Northern Journey, it's exactly what you're looking for.

| Still in Early Access but Gloomwood is pretty good

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