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Civil War / Coup games?

| Any video games out there which depict civil war or a coup in any good way?
It's the most interesting kinds of conflicts but aside from HOI4 mods like TNO I do not see any well made ones.
And I am not talking about the US civil war.
Especially the onset of civil war or a coup is the most interesting. the uncertainty. Any games out there which recreate that?

| half-life 2 half-life 2 episode 1 half-life 2 episode 2

| kichikuou rance sure did have one, not sure about being good, but it did have one iirc

| Suzerain. Admittedly I'm only halfway through the game and no one's outwardly trying to overthrow me yet but it always feels like it's about to happen.

| >>984923 oh yeah! I heard of that game. Need to check it out.
tbh I thought it was just someone trying to recreate the board game from Disco Elysium at first haha but it actually looks like a proper thing.
Cheers :3 ^^

| I mean, it doesn't get better than This War of Mine. It's the #1 Bosnian War simulator, except you're playing as a civilian. You probably know about it already, but if you don't, go check it out.

| >>984934
Suzerain is really good but I gotta warn you it's A LOT of reading! (And I do mean a lot!)

It's not really a board game. Instead of just abstracting things away to stats/graphs, you gotta read reports and news clippings and have meetings with important people and build your own idea of the politics and economy of the country. It's a lot.

| the life and suffering of sir brante

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