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| So I like rpgs and jrpg but lately I feel confused.
How do I get over the part where there is a feeling of grinding levels and any other thing I guess.
Like, I feel the need to make a mindless thing to get to the next part. There are good stories and characters are can be charming. But I somehow think doing things like playing puzzle games would be better for my mind and time. I don't know how explain it well, but I think I can get a more objective and blurt answer here.

| Not the best solution for me, but for getting over grinding levels/farming i sort of just put up with it. Ive done it for p3fes (both answer and journey), p5, and dragon quest 8. Sometimes it helps to take a break and play a different genre game, preferably one that isnt so grindy or grindy at all

| >How do I get over the part where there is a feeling of grinding levels and any other thing I guess.
Simply... don't? Modern JRPG are tuned so you don't have to grind. If you still have to do it then either you don't have a good enough grasp of the battle system, or the game is badly tuned and probably not worth your time.

Do you feel like you *have* to grind, even though you're already overpowered?

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I haven't played DQ8 so I can't commend on that and P3F is old so it's understandable, but what are you grinding in P5 for? If a boss is too hard somehow just lower the difficulty for that battle.

| Play abaddon princess of decay

| >>984493 played on merciless so they were kinda spongy (i could be wrong). Idk if that nerfs xp gain. But at the time i refused to lower the difficulty. Now i play on normal because fuck that

| >>984492 It's mostly on having to battle each random encounter you get screwed or avoidable encounter that you can suppose they'd be holding the next needed to be adapt for the next big battle.
Then sometimes I just end up being still not enough and have to neither get a gimmick skill dude that I've left down leveled and other times it's just get your main frontline up.
Also I do have a preference on taking on the highest difficulty available.

| >>984498 shameless said, I did. First run is hell and memes for how weak you feel. Then it's inventory management hell and very kinky contents.
Getting the bloody sword or whatever was engaging in a way or in another...

| >>984488 I mean it's good to try something new. Maybe I'll try to touch grass tomorrow.

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Typically with JRPGs, if you fight every battle you come across in the early game, you won't have to grind at all. Late game you should have enough abilities and equipment to stomp most encounters, and as long as you aren't seriously underleveled bosses should only be challenging. I've done this since the PS1 era and never had a problem, with the exception being Persona 4 because it doesn't have a difficulty curve, it has stairs.

| >>984598 so true about persona 4, after you finish the first dungeon and start the second one, you are confident that you won't have any issues going through it.....until you get raped in one turn lol

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>I do have a preference on taking on the highest difficulty available.

I'm glad you're willing to see where the problem is.

I mean, I play on high difficulty too, but only when I already have a good grasp of the game and want a challenge. P5 on Hard was a lot more fun for me than Normal.

If you picked high difficulty and couldn't enjoy it because you had to grind then, g/u/rl, you control the buttons you press.

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Gurl that happens multiple times in the first dungeon.

| >>984643 you got raped on tutorial dungeon?

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Just the tip

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