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Optimisation can be fun

| But, in most cases it's not in my experience, and I'm not fully sure what it is that makes or breaks it for me
I like stuff like building around ammo conservation and holding out for maximum treasure combinations in RE4
I enjoy pushing the limits of the weight limit down to the exact 0.1 and be careful with stats in something like Dark Souls
But in a lot of games I can't be fucked to optimize even for a second, even if it's a game I really like and am very into

| But again, I'm not fully sure why I enjoy it in some games and not others. Cause it's not like those things are even remotely necessary to do in the games I mentioned. Maybe encouraged, but I kind just do it cause my autistic ass finds it genuinely fun to do
But I'll play something like SMT and even if I'm getting my ass beat for it I just can't be bothered, yk? Even though I like the game a lot it just, doesn't feel as good
Anyone got any ideas of wtf this comes from?

| I don't optimize shit in Elden Ring but I min-max the hell out of my stats and demons in SMT, so it definitely varies for different game and people.

| elona

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Damn. Yeah, guess it's just person to person huh. Though I don't maximize shit in ER either, but also I'm not exactly the biggest fan of that game

| If you like optimisation play factorio op

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Nah but see that's the thing though. Games like that don't appeal to me at all. They feel tedious. But for example something like Backpack Battles is really fun cause of it basically just being optimisation. Idk why I'm like this

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What about TIS100?

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Don't know much but just from looking at it, not for me at all

| Having to think about optimisation is the death of fun for me, I just pick what looks coolest

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G/u/rl who optimizes in SMT here. Always thought I'd love that or any of the other Zachtronics, I'm just always worried I won't have the time to get into them...

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Yk, maybe that's it. Cause the games I always optimise in is often games that don't really need it. All the games I do it in I can get through/win at pretty casually, but in games where I get punished for not doing it I often don't do it, yk?

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