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Lisa the painful

| anyone played it? thoughts?

| Overhyped, boring

| Try to finish it for a while, pretty cool game

| new "definitive" version comes with a 15min unskippable cutscene right before a boss, but other than that it's a simple but well made jrpg

| Very good game

| Op here, I want to ask, who do you think was in wrong in the story? I think this has many things to be on

| >>983144 Yado obviously, Buzzo was manipulated (he's still a pos) by Lisa (she was abused by Marty), Marty is a monster and deserved to be killed (not in front of Buddy tho), Brad only wanted to protect Buddy (because he saw her as a way making up for his perceived failure of protecting Lisa), Dusty did nothing wrong.

| >>983193 that's very good if put in a individual way.
Obliviously this is gonna be a huge SPOILER ALERT! but whatever.
Also I'll excuse for the long text.
I prefer to view it like this instead
Brad was an incompetent for being closed on his own, he let everything get on him and went wasted addicted. "You don't know me" It's just not right. He grown up by being too proud so nobody later in life could've got him changed. Well, until buddy

| who in later years gets basically exposed to so much stuff she loses her way, not very good for a child's mind; the best she could have done and did was getting herself on the peak of command, just say fuck off. Brad did taught her well to survive, which helped.
Also since she's child, you just can't tell her about the contract of peaces and promises made to keep the harmony. Too bad for dusty, you've tried.

| Buzzo did pull a whole fucking keikaku doori on mental crippled brad, just forgot how little he can do after shitting on his entire life. At least, he's got his entire life propose fulfilled.
Lisa was not a good person. Anything about her is manipulation or being abused. Everything probably can just go down to Marty, he's hammered anything down to nothing; him becoming "clean" is a miserable joke.

| yeah, I agree Yado sucks. I think he just works as a net to catch everything else happened, still it warps well.

| >>27b2b8 agree as well on your take, what's your opinion on joyful? For me it was a bit disappointing, I know it's a "dlc" just to wrap things up but it could've been better tbh, Buddy the edge was kind of fun but got boring fast. She getting raped and pregnant off screen was real weird. Thank God for the fan games.

| >>983345 joyful was simply needed cuz the cliffhanger would just be mean without it. Buddy becoming a killing machine as a child it's over the top but a protagonist was needed to get to the point. Like it's not possible to explain, she's pure naive through the painful and she's also supposed to be bloodlust underneath.

| The best was making a whole new set of characters and put more dept in the story but I think the budget of time wasn't just there. I won't be too hard over it, it was more an extra for combats, feelings to get and dark humor that lives on the series.
I think the little message before the second "fuck you" finger you get at the top of joyful was just honestly the base of his intentions with his games.

| >>983345 wait did buddy got raped?
The only things I recall related to it may be rando's hanging over the pit event, which is avoidable(if you give up your brother ;;), and the good ending which I suppose she just found a chill dude to make repopulation a thing later when she grows up.

| >>983392 it's implied that some dude called Dale had his way with Buddy when she was restrained and Rando was unconscious (after they were ambushed) early in the game

| >>983393 doesn't feel much relevant, it would be pointless to give the player the idea of being raped right off the start, over everything when there is such a storyline to warp in.
It's always ambiguous whatever happens to buddy when not onscreen. I assume she just gets touched and felt like brad in the "bee" place.

| Tbf, child are not really good to give any sort of interest and are not grown enough neither give nor take any of the real thing, or making something new out of the thing.

| fantastic game. i rly wish more of the fanmods were as good as Hopeful

| I enjoyed it a ton when it came out, played Hopeful (both regular and definitive) which match the quality of the main game. Played the recent definitive edition and didn’t really find it that worth it/different than the original, the extra boss fight is a massive slog and just not that fun. Started playing Fractured Bonds so hopefully that’s interesting, hope Brad’s pals are written okay given their limited lines in the main game.

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