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Payday 3


| Launches in approximately 15 hours

| It's peak.

| Stuck in matchmaking :c

| Peakday 3 >>975895

| season pass

| didnt pay attention, did they finally get a decent engine or are they still reusing a racing game

| >>976225 Unreal Engine 4 (will be updated to UE5 at a later date)

| >>976227 thanks sis

| >>976229 g/u/rl of culture <3

| didn't the owner of the company go to jail for laundering bitcoins for violent criminal gangs or something

| >>976260 Only a real criminal knows how to properly plan a heist.

| btw... https://www.pcmag.com/news/thieves-stole-500k-in-iphones-from-apple-store-tore-through-bathroom-wall

this is kinda payday irl mission (bank one from 1) xd

| Finaly, Paygay 3

| >>976260 you thinking of this?

If so no, Bo the owner was cleared but some other exec was charged with insider trading

Bo also left starbreeze a while ago so

| Payday 3 is good IMO, whole games solid and will give sbz a good base to add 10 years of dlc to just like payday 2

Level progression needs some love IDK what exactly but I don't want to dig into the menu to see what I need to do next to level up

Servers are constantly shitting the bed so you've barely been able to play for the first two days

| The game worked fine until everyone else got to play it

| Someone modded the dev menu back in and it turns out if already has a functional offline component it just doesn't give progression right now

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