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| Wanted Tetris on my phone, so I downloaded the official app off the playstore.

Realized my mistake, uninstalled it and download the gameboy rom.

G/u/rls is this the best way to have this game on my phone?

| You have to rebuild the USSR to properly enjoy Tetris

| >>975208 For Switch price and key from gray market you can get access to original and tetris 99

| T E T R I S 2 0 0 0

| I like Tetris effect personally

| I get my Tetris fix through Puyo Puyo Tetris 2
Literally just play the Tetris mode 90% of the time

| I like Jstris

| There is foss Tetris 100%

| Puyo puyo!

| get the japanese rom of tetris advance, it's the best tetris version period

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This thread is permanently archived