What are your thoughts on Monster Hunter Now?

| Been playing it since it released last night, the combat and gameplay is surprisingly solid but uh... its Niantic. Lord knows their predatory monetization model is gonna be rearing its ugly head down the line.

Still though, I think the game is pretty fun as long as you don't worry about spending or anything. Probably will continue playing it as a timekiller on my walks home.

How about you? What do you g/u/rls think of the game so far?

| I thought the Now is not capitalized and this is just a general Monster Hunter thread, sad.

Wasn't even aware this is a real game. Never could get into the "you have to literally walk" games (do we have a name for this genre? GPS games? Nianticcore?)

| I believe the genre name for this type of thing is called "Geogame" or something, but haven't really played much of the genre and only really interested in this one cuz it was well, Monster Hunter (even if Niantic kind of shit all over the Monster Hunter name with what they usually do)

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