| Any other g/u/rls miss pretending like they lived in the ARKs space fleet?
I know there's nothing stopping me from playing Classic, but it's not the same now with everyone gone
All the people I used to hang out with either moved to NGS or just straight up quit the game

| I'm a NEET so "pretending" is not included

| Was one of the people who quit the game, not because I wanted to but because I just could not run it anymore since the upgrade to NGS. Definitely miss just hanging around the lobby and seeing whatever weird/cool outfits people were running with. Great game.

| I keep trying to come back to this game every once in a while, but it simply doesn't have that same magical feel every time I boot it up. I feel like I'm being actively punished for playing the older game. Even though I feel NGS is even worse... It's a bit sad really...

| I quit years before NGS when a piece of furniture in my space apartment ate an extremely rare weapon camo and i couldn't figure out how to get it back
in retrospect it was for the best, almost like a higher power was watching out for me

| >>974946 Yeah like the game had this weird charm even when there was nothing to do
You could complete everything and it still felt worth it to log on just because of the other people doing the same

Oh what I'd give to just attend the same Quna concert for the thousandth time
Hell I'd even do Cradle again because it was cool having so many people on one quest

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