Well what about Starfield?

| I hear more bad things than good things about the game. And despite the fact that there is no optimization in the game, it is interesting! It's been a long time since I've been addicted to games for 12-14 hours a day. If the modifications improve the FPS situation, I will be happy.

| I heard it runs shit on nvidia but amd is okay, they recently fount out why so, there's a mod patching it

| found out why thou

| Full of ugly black and brown women and that's a good thing

| Any alien chicks to rail?

| It's more of a action adventure game rather than an RPG. Playing baldurs gate and starfield it's night and day.

Mind you it's not terrible just treat it like a looter shooter and not a world that feels alive or responsive.

| >>973842 so fo4 in space then?

| Game looks good but I won't be able to run it on my PC so I haven't bothered looking into it much

| It's a bethesda game. I haven't even looked at it but I'm sure it's a buggy, poorly constructed mess that appeals to casuals.

| It's so ods. A drab-looking space-themed Bethesda RPG with *that* price seems like a niche thing, but it still garners, what, millions of sales anyway?

I know people who like it, but also people who act like they're forced to play it? Just because it's a big release everyone plays? I don't get it.

Like many of the g/u/rls here, it's too expensive for me to buy on release.

| prob shit just like bg3

| Fallout 4 in space but a mile wide and an inch deep.

| It's a Bethesda game, no more and no less. I'm having fun exploring their latest theme park and will probably be doing so for many more hours.

| exploits in the space: a bethesda game

| I wanna play it but exploin the shit of the game just for fun because the vainilla game doesn't see much enjoyable to me

| >>973985 so fallout 4

| i just cant bring myself to care about a bethesda game at this point i really fucking cant

Skyrim and FO4 just bored the tits off me and got so repetitive and samey after even like 15 hours of play

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