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Pronoun options in games are lackluster

| More and more games got options for pronouns, and it's on a lot of people's minds rn cause of Starfield. You got people crying over it, and you got people praising it as very progressive

Imo tho, these kinda games are doing it just for publicity, not to actually have inclusive options. Cause if they were doing it out of acceptance you'd be able to pick multiple sets and/or type in your own. But, unsurprisingly, corporations only care about money. Currently it's a loss for everyone

| bethesda bullies trans creatures out of their company routinely and gets to be called progressive because fallout 4 in space has pronoun options

god i love the video game industry

| I'm so glad you can't push this mental illness in my native language because there's no gender specific pronouns.

| Can they in game call me "kitty kitty kitty?"

| >>972997
Yup. Bethesda specifically is extra trash for that reason

That, I mean, that's even more progressive lol
That's like the ideal situation for gender diversity to thrive

| MENtally ills gonna MENtally ill

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Same. English is such a dumb language. There's technically a singular non-gender pronoun (they) but it's a whole meme by itself.

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I mean, that's mainly just cause people have been primed to react all crazy to it, despite every English speaker using it all the time

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>That's like the ideal situation for gender diversity to thrive
Careful what you wish for. My native tongue has no gendered pronoun, but then people forget we have gendered honorifics and stratified gender roles anyway.

| lmao

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Well, yes, but that's the problem. The people decide how the language is spoken, not me.

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>these kinda games are doing it just for publicity, not to actually have inclusive options.
Yes, this is every company that does it in any fashion. Companies do not care about gender at all except in how they can use it to get to your wallet. They are inherently untrustworthy.

| >>973180


Yeah, that was my point. It's just another case of companies being praised for rainbow capitalism

| I mean, I'd rather have the option than not. Even if a brand is doing it for publicity, it's certainly better than not having it and helping give some breathing room to people who need it. I'd rather the end of exploiting minorities for money by trying to be inclusive than exploiting minorities for money by appealing to bigots and nazis.

Still shitty that this conversation even needs to be had with the current climate, imagine literally just existing being easy!

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Sure. I do appreciate it to some degree when I can at least pick they/them, but it's still shitty. While sure, it technically is progress, I don't wanna give the corporations any credit for doing what imo is less than the bare minimum

| >>973242
>>people who need it
What these people need is to stop being faggots/bitches and get a grip, their existecial delusions are remotely of any concern.
>>end of exploiting minorities
How are "minorities" being exploited? The only exploitation these faggots face it's from their own mentally ill peers, at least the "bigots" and "nazis" can happily live with their own bodies unlike the alive-roting corpses gender pretenders.
>>Kill yourself they/them.

| what's that quote that's like... "everyone involved should die"?

| This wouldnt be a problem if this game were not in English. Ta (Mandarin) and Sya (Tagalog) for example are the only pronouns in those languages and it just means "they/them".

| Anyone upset by them adding pronouns as an option, which you're able to completely ignore needs to touch grass

| I get the feeling companies are starting to be more progressive because they get free twitter impressions out of the people who mald about it online. Which means their inclusion will always be kinda low effort and meaningless, since they don't need to do the feature well to piss off the easily exploitable, and 99% of the playerbase doesn't really care about it.

| also I feel like anyone I know who would use a pronoun option in a game is probably playing better video games anyways. what kind of terminally online person plays anything made by bethesda lmao

| >>3e3e61 might be a good idea, freaks like you only exist online

| >>3e3e61 you can also ignore the lack of pronouns instead of bitching and moaning until the evil capitalists companies give in and add that shit

| >>973296

Okay, true. I am talking about this despite the fact I never have or will touch the game, cause that shit's just boring. All Bethesda, Ubisoft, etc. One of my most played games recently was made by a singular Finnish guy, probably in a basement while on welfare

| >>973307 do you really think they're adding features because people complain on twitter? this is a huge fucking company g/u/rl, they're running focus groups and doing whatever gets them a 1% higher average rating

| I think culturally if a pronoun is popular enough like zher or some shit it would good get added.

I just don't think anyone is walking into traffic because they can't be called xim.

| >>973335 then you don't get to complain about being muh oppressed when the selfish evil capitalists companies will side with you and pander to you for "1% higher average rating"

| >>973335
They know that gurl. It's just bait, dw about it

Probably would, and I ain't saying they would. I'm just saying if they actually gave af they'd let you type it out yourself or some shit, which while nobody would off themselves over the lack of that option, it would help with normalisation which in turn reduces discrimination, etc.
But, again, it's purely for profit, so only devs doing that are borderline unknown indie devs (who then get 24/7 spammed by edgelords)

| >>0dbd71 I guess, but in terms of function It's a bit more difficult in terms of implementation.

I don't know the context but it's probably not realistic to do line reads for a dozen or so potential pronouns.

In its current form barely any work to do it and it does give brownie points.

And to agree with you let's all remember that actiblizz had an unironic privilege diagram which marked characters via traits as to who was more diverse and would give a score at the end.

| >>973400
Not saying for line reads. I think y'all keep forgetting that this is not a Starfield thread
But for games with voice lines, you could have for example people who pick neos have that show up in the text while voice lines use they/they (which is how most people who use neo pronouns do it irl, they/them publicly and neos online and with their friends)
For picking multiple it's just the same system but with some rng. You pick two sets? 1/2 chance. 3 sets? 1/3 chance, etc

| (X chance per line of dialogue to be specific, which is not hard to program)

And, I mean, for games with no voice acting it's literally the easiest thing, cause it's just the exact same system as it normally is but with a fill-in-the-blank option, which is just the same system they already have for player names and naming items and stuff

Baseline choices he/she/they/it or something + an optional field for typing. It wouldn't be hard at all, and especially not for massive corps

| >>973400
And yeah, that shit was WILD lol
It's the most liberal shit I've ever seen. The definition of virtue signaling

| The most advanced coding on the most advanced technology used to satisfy the autogynephilia of perverted mentally ills

lol lmao

| >The most advanced coding on the most advanced technology
Gurl lmao

| >>973444 yes, it's advanced technology in (current year). You fantastically retarded homosexual

| >>0dbd71 I mean this hubub was mostly because of that gamer boi who yelled that this was the end of civilization when starfield dropped no?

Games have released with xim and shit like that but no one cares because it's not my big boy Bethesda game.

For games that are pure text, for sure. You can even make it a bit ambiguous for funns and have it just be.

"How would you like to be referred to as?"

Then you can have your g/u/rl, xher and cockgobbler.

| >>973553
That's probably what sparked the wider conversation, but this is something I've been thinking about for a while, was just looking for a good opportunity to talk about it and have people actually interact with it

And yes, I know of and have acknowledged that there's small indies and stuff that have better or even good options, but I'm talking about mainstream games, shit made by big corporations

Yeah!! Honestly that's a better way to do character creation just in general

| It's way less tedious to make a character if they give the process some flare like that instead of making it feel like you're filling out government papers

| >>973360 are you unable to understand the difference between money grubbing companies generating media buzz for marketing and political institutions fighting tooth and nail against any progressive policy being discussed
are you American by any chance

| >>973944
>>implying the "political institutions" have managed to stop any "progressive policy" at all

It's all progress
Every year
Don't you love it?

| >>974049 state governments in the US hostilizing trans people and banning gender affirming care just didn't happen I guess huh. maybe if you looked at anything other than videogames or tv shows to get a grasp of reality you wouldn't be this dense.

| >>974079
damn, billions died! I didn't know!
How could have I not know that "gender affirming care" was SO SERIOUS!
lol lmao
Don't worry, gender pretenders will be able to kill for getting "misgendered" on the spot, in due time ;)
Progress stops for no one

| >>973328
>Game made by singular Finnish dude in a basement somewhere

Now THAT'S how ya get me interested in a game... What's it called?


| >>974146 I'm gonna take a while shoot in the dark and say the game they are referring to is Noita. :3c

| >>5ec76e I'm pretty sure they're referring to the fear and hunger series but it could also be the top down survival game that looks like ass. Mandalore covered it a couple years ago.

| >>974146 >>974333
Fear & Hunger series is correct! It's somehow laggy af despite being an RPG Maker game, but that shit's peak

| >and/or type in your own.
There's no way they would let you do that because there would be people writing things like "nick/ger" lool

Besides, why would anyone want a gender pronoun other than (she/her,he/him,they/them)??
Are you implying that we need neopronouns now? Please say sike.

| >>9696bb people can already do that with name input, it'll probably mean more people mememin on it but who cares

| you know this thread has a wide variety of opinions and of course there's a lot of disagreement that can result on dumb online slap fighting, but I hope we can all agree that fear and hunger is PEAK

| >>8128fc I agree however...

I would clap marinas cheeks so hard, I don't care that she's written like a tiktoker during the 1940s. I need my demure looking women who aren't trashy, but are crass.

If you disagree you are transphobic, unironicaly and not for purpose of creating more disagreement.

If she's not I a gilf in the next game I quit.

| >>974948
>but who cares
The investors care about that stuff, my friend, they do
And the investors get to decide if the game is going to have gender pronouns and what level of lewdness, and the level of profanity, gore, drugs, etc.

Moral of the story? Investors control everything when it comed to AAA games

Blessed be the indie games

| >>974938
Games have text chats, name typing, naming of objects/pets, etc
Games also have censoring systems if they're online
I'm also not "implying" anything. I'm stating very clearly and directly that I think that would be a positive change

They do, which is why they suck sadly. Praise be indies fr

| >>973007
I think you might be mistaken. Gendered pronouns are always hiding somewhere. Maybe not personal pronouns or whatever they are called but somewhere else. For example language that doesn't have "he/she" might still have "'s wife/husband"

| >>972994
> these kinda games are doing it just for publicity, not to actually have inclusive options.

You can't expect a big enough project to have any opinion really. Like, for they to actually care, does it need to be a company policy? The CEO's personal belief? If a low ranking dev snuck it in there is it more personal?

In the end, I still think it's better that it exists than not at all. Small steps. I just hope we're not going to take another step backwards.

| >>975390 I think you're onto something g/u/rl, you have a good rational mind

| Exclusively so. It won’t be too difficult for them to add “They/Them”, because now it’s a hype topic. But for the most part, I think they don’t give a damn about the topic of genders and other heresies. Their main goal is to make a profit on everything that is fashionable at the moment.

| I wonder...How soon will I be beaten on the street (or stigmatized) for recognizing only two genders...

| >>975389
True! Still kinda based though ngl

You could say that, but personally I don't really view rainbow capitalism as progress. On a large scale the only purpose such practices serve is to make middle to upper class queers blindly support the systems that are oppressing them in the first place. Even though I like the option of they/them for my characters, I still can't view it as real progress. Especially not when it's treated as a third solid gender

| >>975412
Picture of the bravest gurl:

| >It's only a matter of time before the pronoun option isn't trendy or popular enough, and games will cease to add it in. Atlus is behind on consistent gender options, wonder how that'll go.

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