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Which Va-11 Hall-A character most closely resembles you?

| Bonus question, is there any other character you wished more closely resembled you?

I'm Ingram and Sei mixed together, believe it or not. But I wouldn't mind if I was more like Donovan or Dana to cover up for charisma being my dump stat in life.

| I like Dorothy, or Dana, or Jill, or Gil, or the tit woman

| Fore

| I think I'm a mix of Sei and Dana, but being as reserved as Gil

| Jill Stingray is so me

| Va-22 Hall-B when

| >>972449 va-11 hall-A 2 when??11?1!!1!

| >>972398
I think I get it. Dana truly is the best btw.

That sounds like somthing Jill might say

| Gil, but without the parts that make him interesting. Through in Jill's moodiness while we're at it.

| You know I only recently learned va11 has a secret characters,I should replay that game

| I often like Jill. In some situations, I would do the same. Or would grieve the same way. Or drink beer.

But who would I like to be .. But no one! yourself.

I also like Stella. How good is she...Oh my.. Yeah, she is my Waifu.

| >>972523 you have good taste in waifus

| Do you think Jill's actions would be hated if she was a guy? for example:
Three years ago, Jim had a girlfriend named Lenore. Jim met Lenore at college and helped her during her studies and bonded as friends. When they realized that they both liked each other, they started going out. In the moments before he graduated, Jim had a lot of doubts about whether or not the degree he studied for years was right for him and if he wasted his time doing it.

| A couple of months after Jim graduated, he received an offer to start working at a big research facility. Lenore was ecstatic, and really proud of him, but Jim hesitated and later, rejected the offer because he didn't know what do from there, but taking that offer was not an option he wished to pursue. Lenore freaked out at this, later confessing that she was jealous of Jim since she never got such an opportunity.

| Things devolved pretty quickly after that, as Lenore had accepted the job offer on Jim's behalf without letting Jim know beforehand. Jim was furious with her upon hearing this, and with both of them saying one too many unpleasant things, Jim stormed out of Lenore's house, breaking a vase in the process. They haven't spoken since. However, because Lenore died from Nanomachine Rejection, it became impossible for Jim and Lenore to make up.
What do you think? Is Jim an asshole?

| >>350fa0 hum... Looking at this again from a genderbent perspective... Yep, I still feel the same, it's just a complex situation that could be handled in a better way from both sides but unfortunately (for their relationship), they didn't. After the damage was done, both couldn't get in touch together to apologize/or discuss things again...
So that just happened

| Closest would probably be Stella, but obviously without the ears and fancy ribbon thingy

| I'm fairly similar to Jill and Dorothy!

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