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| What? By the way Stalker, this is one of those games that lives thanks to the efforts of the fans. How many story modifications have been made for this game? How much improved the quality of graphics, which seemed impossible. I think this game will live on for a very long time..

| Just finished the first game, didn't understand a thing.

| Get out of here stalker

| I said cum in

| hey this is really convienient can you guys tell me the scariest moments you've had in stalker?

| >>973121 the jumping mosquito that screams like a tiger and the oblivion jumpscare down-syndrome monster

| I tried s.t.a.l.k.e.r. but i didn't like it as fallout.. just MP little, specially roof areas.. but than idk.. too much open, abandoned and depressive but also i first time played it in 202x, not in time of release so i can't feel nostalgia effect

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This thread is permanently archived