do you actually have fun playing videogames?

| I was talking about this with a friend a lot because the online communities are more competitive than friendly.

I see more toxicity playing online than people joking around (like in tf2 dancing with the enemy team).

I really love rythm and musical games but most people need to play the highest difficulty than actually enjoying the song, one day playing taiko with a friend he feel really bad because he can't play in a higher dificulty.
some fo you g/u/rls feel the same way?

| I play to have fun, yes. If I feel the game I'm playing isn't fun, I'm wasting my time.
I understand why people feel so competitive about games that they forget to have fun. I used to be like that. It's a very unhealthy mindset, so I changed my ways.

| Short answer: Yes, I wouldn't stick around if I wasn't having fun.

Long answer: I'm still playing siege even though 4 out of 5 matches aren't that great anymore. The game seems to think I'm a lot better than I actually am so I get matchmaked against pros that wipes the floor with me over and over again. The reason I haven't truly moved on is because there aren't many games that scratches that itch that siege lets me scratch. I might quit comp shooters completely soon tbh

| not really tbh, it's a reason why i don't play video games much anymore, may be a skill issue but a lot of folk around me seem to play to perform a task rather than to enjoy themselves and it ends up being stressful (lots of expectations around performance that i don't really care for)

| Single player games are a thing you know

| I mainly play single player games so when the game stops being fun, I can quit and move on. That being said, I've been playing this one MMO for 3 or so years and I had a blast in the beginning but being competitive or worrying about having to be the "best" at all times or face ppl yelling at me, I ended up quitting the game for a good while because of it. I still love that MMO but I definitely don't play as much as I would like to anymore.

| The pressure to parse high or do good dps or failing a mech in a fight just got too much for my mental health alongside trying to make friends in game so I can get the sentiment of seeming to not have fun while playing the game. Been back to solo games and I missed the freedom to just goof off and try different things. Though I miss being able to share funny moments that happen in game lol

| >>971812 >>971813 I don't get how people let themselves by pressured like that. When I used to play wow I would mainly go around doing random stuff for fun, when I got invited to guilds I would accept and if they ever complained that I didn't put enough effort into anything I would just leave, simple as that

| I guess it kinda depends on your definition of "fun". Sometimes I play because it distracts me from pain. Sometimes I play because I have no energy left to do anything else and I just need to fill the void.

Sometimes I play because doing so helps me connect to the world at large. Sometimes I play to kickstart my brain. Sometimes I play because it's nice to build up to something and achieve something. Sometimes I play as an excuse to spend time with friends.

| Like, there are games where I'm not really enjoying it, but I feel like I learn something by experiencing it, so at the end I feel like it was worth playing.

Competitive games, I guess some people like the feeling of being good at something, so they do it even though they aren't enjoying the process. They'll feel like they "had fun" once they've achieved it.

| ... or maybe that's what they thought they'd feel. But the way these things usually go, people like that usually just end up feeling sour.

Even when gaming you gotta understand yourself and what you want, I guess.

| I'm bad at rhythm games and can only play the lower levels. But I still have fun! ( ^.^)/

| >online
There's your problem. Play a good game like Dark Messiah instead.

| Why are you talking like competitive and fun are mutually exclusive?
Also feeling bad about not getting a challenge done right away can be part of the fun for some people. Things can be painful and annoying and not always good feels but that's what some people want to have fun. Kinda short sighted to just restrict things to your definition of fun

| Dark messiah is kino as fuck

| Maybe its because I grew up and got depression early but the "fun" I had with games, was never really goofing around. Even as a kid I would take it seriously 90% of the time. And that percentage has only gone up.

I used to love the feeling of coordinating with my team or making skillfull plays back when I could play competitive games.

These days I have been playing single player games either for a calming since of escapism or to enjoy the stories.

| Gaming nowadays has become insanely mainstream and infested with toxic competitive communities. It's truly overwhelming how many studios have been working to appeal to the lowest common denominator which in turn makes almost everything quite dull. So don't beat yourself up when you don't enjoy the act of gaming as a whole.

| I have personally been having a blast tho. I have been enjoying Armored Core 6 a lot. I also really like Into the Radius although I have difficulties running it. I also recently finished Armored Core 3 and Final Fantasy 2 on the psp. Both were very fun although ff was quite grindy.

If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed, try playing something old and simple. Adventure games like Another World and The Eternal Castle are very beautiful short experiences.

| >>971928
>If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed, try playing something old and simple.
I recently replayed Need For Speed: Most Wanted for this reason. I had such a blast. Made me remember why I loved videogame so much. They can be so, *so* fun!

| >>971976 Exactly. Old games were always made with a clear focus and vision. It's just plain FUN.

| As sad as it may sound, we are getting older. And if all our youth was spent in games, then we are fed up with them and it is increasingly difficult for us to get exactly those emotions that were before. It is sad. That's partly why we're holding on to old games that we've spent thousands of hours playing. Personally, I'm so used to games that I simply don't have any other hobbies. Work and play. Play and work. This is my life..Eh

| Well, why would I play if I wasn't having fun? Vidya is supposed to be fun and I like to play it to have fun and be comfy and stuff

| Sounds like op should stop playing online games. Disco Elysium, Cyberpunk 2077, Celeste, play games like those

| >>971761 I'm 1k+ crowns monster in fall guys, yes i have fun beating my enemies.. sometimes i just calmly use animations in first rounds since they are easy to pass.. but in finals i will become passive-agressive beast which just passively watch others die, and in last 1-2 i kill them. Sometimes after series of wins I'm thinking "they must be pretty mad to me right now".. but nothing will stop me from crown ranking..

| I feel sad fall guys eSports isn't a thing, I'm confident to say i would winning on national level.. but i understand that people like me are reasons why they hate fall guys

| I play some fighting games competitively and I get why some people hate the kind of environment comp games have but to me its a lot of fun training and improving at a game. offline communities are very welcoming tho and I think the fact that a lot of online ones aren't is a big factor on why it can feel unpleasant for some people

| op here.
yeah I know playing online isn't the same for not online games, but even in games when the main objective is just have fun the community like the rythm games as I said in the beginning kill the fun because you cannot play in normal or even easy difficulty without feel some weak and the same shit happensin various one player games, you can't just have fun because you know is not the way to "properly play X videogame".

| and I remember some year ago play for the first (and last) time the regular pokemon games, sword and shield to be more precise.
I know the competitive pokemon gameplay are stressful as fuck for new players like me but the main objective to try it was my friends, they play just for the fun and when I was "ready" to play with friends I realized the whole shit to build a pokemon and have to do a lot of shit for hours just to have a pokemon good enough to play with they, so... fuck it

| right now I'm in a point o just can enjoy games who my friends doesn't play a lot and the community isn't big enough

| >>971826 All of this!

| >>9238f5
>>getting stressed over videogames.
>>getting stressed over OTHER opinions on the way YOU play said videogames.
>>lol lmao.

| only porn ones but with good gameplay

| yes

sometimes i want to challenge myself and that runs the risk of frustration. sometimes i want to destroy everything so ill casually and carefully minmax my way through an rpg or something. and sometimes i want the semblance of competition and i play an online game, though i know this can make me feel anything from annoyed or angry at a loss due to toxicity or no communication, to elated at a victory or funny interactions

| Sometimes

A lot of games these days feel like busy work. Was playing starfield and just had to stop because it was so been there done that.

You just have to be more willing to try out stuff that isn't popular and eliminate the fomo mindset as a part of your enjoyment.

Treating a video game release as an "event" is so lame these days.

I remember waiting for mgs4 and it was basically the second coming of Christ for everyone interested even though it was above mid game.

| At least mgs4 got a bomb threat, star field feels like trying to have fun with a recovering drug addict.

| i have same opinion as some here, i rarely play a game if i won't have a good time
even tho it can result in being too picky when you chose even if you could have had a gud time, don't over think it
most of the games i play aren't really well known so sure i don't get the community fun but you play some cool hidden gems

| >>973014 hidden gems i know: space station 13/14 and scp secret laboratory

| i regard the quality of a game by how funny the clip videos/youtube shitposts are and the shitposts for scpsl/ss13 are hilarious as fuck

| I have a problem being a completionist so I have to research games before I play to see if I'll enjoy most of my time playing. Usually I keep playing well past the point of fun.

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