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Gift me Baldur's Gate 3 Instead

| Thanks

| Please gift me instead some non-yuri game. So many games are way too drenched in yuri nowadays which kinda takes me out of the whole experience and is why I haven't enjoyed most games in the last 10 or so years
I also don't want kid game either. I want some actual game, not just Mario or some shit

Some of my favourite types are visual novels games like A Kiss for the Petals and adventures like the LiS games
I can enjoy most genres though, like for example


| What games are "drenched in Yuri"?

| >>970908 Anaheim Girl's Love Story

| >>970911 one visual novel is hardly "any games" or "most games", isn't Baldur's Gate 3 well known for its homo sex?

| >>970908 gachimuchi rebirth

| Can someone gift me Clannad

| Can someone gift me steam

| Maids pls

| >>970959 ms. g/u/rl i'm taking this steam discount

| >>970959 I found it freeee g/u/rl!!! ^^

download it fast before they will want money!!! :OOO

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This thread is permanently archived