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Have you ever felt bad?

| When i play games like Rising Storm 2, Team Fortress 2 or other games, I'm really good with the games that i play, Sometimes i feel bad because you get to play against new players alot these days and makes me feel bad. You ever just want them too to enjoy but have this feeling at the back of my head that this person I'm fighting against doesn't like how i play or what not.

I keep thinking about those memes about "Maybe I'm too old to play these games" thingy.

| At the same time you want to have fun but at the back of my head i feel like I'm not making it fun with the other players, of course i play for funsies and not competitive style.

| I'm asking if anyone else sometimes experience this

| I don't feel even slightly remorseful when pubstomping/dominating/whatever on multiplayer games. It's always a blast, actually.
That being said, my MP habits are unhealthy in general, so I don't play games like that anymore.

| I (unfortunately) play league of legends, I get that feeling whenever I stomp someone in lane, being dominated in that specific game can be a very painful experience

| Has any of you ever felt bad about killing a NPC in an offline game though? I felt bad about killing the random people in rdr2 for some reason

| >>970556 Damn I need to play TF2 again, is the hacker problem still as bad as it was?

| >>970574 nah, Valve actually fixed their game.

| Depends on the game and the match. If it's rank I'm drinking your tears, if it's public then I'll just meme on them and have normal fights with better players.

| >>970573
Plenty. I feel awful about killing Loners in STALKER, even when the plot requires me to do it.

| >>508a2e Play in the afternoon and evening when alot of people are more online. Playing TF2 in 2am will bring you to a dead server with only bots playing.

It's more of like "Play it when everyone is awake because the amount of bots cant compete on how many players play TF2 all at once"

| >>970589 Feel you. In SoC Had to redo multiple playthroughs because bes, fox, nimble and others couldn't stop fucking dying every time. Makes me question my own morality. Why I feel bad for the deaths of these npcs that are out of my control but have no problem with sticking a knife in the faces of other npcs when I'm asked to.

| Back when I had a PC capable I played a lot of CS:GO, and I enjoyed the pub-stomping. But I was playing in NA after Valorant came out, so I was used to getting matched against people way higher rank than me, so being the smurfer rather than the smurfee every once in awhile was a relief.

I did feel bad sometimes though, I know how shit it can feel when it seems like there is just nothing you can do to win.

| I do actually feel bad in these kinds of situation yeah, but its just part of the game sometimes. Lately what I do to somewhat alleviate the guilt is to use a wacky or goofy ass loadout that's impractical and just try my best to make the shitty loadout work. I get to still have my satisfaction of playing as hard as I want to, but with a handicap that can be both funny for me and the enemy to fight against instead of just the usual comfort/meta setup.

| If the teams are stacked I feel really bad about it. Its not fun going up against a whole team of players you have no chance of beating. For some reason this happens to me all the time in rainbow six siege. The game thinks I'm better than I actually am so I get matchmaked against champions while having rookies on my team. It has completely ruined the game for me. One weekend I decided to smurf, while I had a lot of fun I felt kinda bad for essentially becoming what I hated...

| usually when im dominating the enemy team i swap to their team as a challenge

| >>970556 you're a considerate person OP, but you should focus on having fun more I guess..

Personally that thought does cross my mind sometimes when I'm playing too good, but I quickly dismiss it as I personally like challenges/playing against good players so I want to be truthful to myself and to give those new players a good show of a pro player.

I just know they are enjoying themselves when they do kill me sometimes and they taunt and celebrate my death lmao
I love TF2.

| Hey girl, open the walls, Play with your dolls, We'll be a perfect family

| Having given it more thought, I realize that I only feel bad on either side when it feels impossible to win even small victories.

For instance, I might lose every round, but am I getting a kill or two?

If I can accomplish smaller goals I don't get too upset by getting crushed in a game, thus if a losing opponent getting stomped can at least catch us off guard a few times or put up something of a fight in some way, then I don't really feel bad about it.

| >>2927a5 Perhaps i shall gain my clarity to just keep on having fun.

| I have a recent situation with a friend who wanna play apex with me. I can't say I am a pro player and shit but I can fight and have a few kills.
so when we played the first 3 games he was down a lot of times, but for me I was having pretty easy fight against people like him and yeah I feel bad for that but I was trying to tell my friend just to enjoy the game, have a lot of laughs for the "incidents" and joking around to make his first matches more enjoyable than lawful.

| and for apex o any game I actually play, if a friend wants to play with me, I know the first hours wanna be a lot of deaths or fails for my friend and you can't do anything about it.
But make the matchs more enjoyable and telling the basics of any videogame is have fun, nothing else, meaby time later they wanna play competitive and rage about it but the whole point is just have fun

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