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Recommend me a AAA game

| I finally spent the cash for a powerhouse PC. It's for work, but I realize I can also finally play the beautiful high-spec games my previous toasters have never been able to.

Anyone has recommendation? I'm playing Shadows of the Tomb Raider and I'm planning on getting Elden Ring. I got Death Stranding for free a while ago, just not sure I want to commit all 80GB yet.

| >>958298 if you are having 250 ssd or something, i can recommend you buy 1TB HDD/SSD.. I didn't play Tomb Raider yet so.. my recommendations will be maybe odd.. but maybe you can like 3D games from Sony? like The Last of Us, Uncharted, Days Gone, Lego games, Just Cause, Hitman

About Elden Ring i can recommend you check games from Namco, Capcom, SEGA, so probably games as Dark Souls, God Eater, Code Vein, Scarlet Nexus, Devil May Cry, Dragon's Dogma, Final Fantasy XV, Monster Hunte

| r, Bayonetta, Yakuza, Persona, Hyperdimension series, Phantasy Star Online 2, Soulworker, Shin Megami Tensei, Soul Hacker 2 (maybe it's won't be for you but i loved demo), Judgement, RWBY

I'm sorry if my recommendations won't be relevant, i feel that is there a lot games to recommend, paradoxically choosing for weak pc is easier because of limited options.. I have choose paralysis and i feel as videogaming database.. i try use mix of Association and known publishers

| maybe you can like f2p game The Lost Mythologies

Myself i plan to play Deathverse when i will have more time

| >>958310
I have a 512GB SSD, with some external SSDs for work. I figured I'll get a 1TB HDD at some point.

I love most of these, but I'm looking for something that can really take advantage of the high specs, you know.

| Mad Max

| >>958325 if you want fully use hw than Portal RTX probably, it's worstest game what i wasn't able to play.. or Minecraft RTX, Cyberpunk i believe, any game from Ubisoft, Emulator, bright memory (bit this one is actually good game), Forza 5, Flight Sim, BF2042, Red Dead 2 maybe Hellblade, Control, CoD

Most "next-gen" games are compatible with systems from 10 years ago.. look to PS4, Switch or XONE.. PC handhelds can use this advantage from this

| Quake RTX but i did hear 16xx are able to run it without tensor cores (rtx thing)

| Roblox, I have a gigachad PC and i still frequent Roblox

| >>958329
Ha! I just checked Portal RTX system requirement and it barely makes the Recommended spec (and even then the graphic card isn't quite that level). Might give it a try if I ever feel like playing Portal again.

| I enjoyed Cyberpunk 2077 sincerely on my entry level PC. If I had bought a massively overpowered PC that is the second thing I would run after Elden Ring. Then I would mod Skyrim to heaven and back.

| Yakuza 0, then Yakuza Kiwami, then Kiwami 2, then Yakuza 4, then Yakuza 5, then Yakuza 6, then Yakuza Like a Dragon, then Judgement, then Lost Judgement, then Like a Dragon Ishin

| you forgot Dead Souls

| Nier Automata is always beautiful.

| >>958457 You're always beautiful, babygirl. You come here often?

| >>958395 where is Yakuza 3? :o or Streets of Kamurocho?

| When I think of good AAA games for pc I can only picture fps. That's why I don't do pc

| Emulation was a good recommendation by one of the other g/u/rls here. Even at higher end specs, they can push the limit of what your pc is capable of.

2077 is good for balls to the wall fidelity but may not be your favorite story. Control on higher settings will certainly set your pc on fire but at medium will chew through what you got happily. If 2077 is balls to the wall, Death Stranding is balls to the apocalypse and a visual treat. May not be your game but it is beautiful.

| Buy Dark Souls Trilogy right now.

| >>958378 Portal RTX is really badly optimised and idk if is really worth to have best gpu just to play it xd YouTube video is maybe enough, i did tried it on 2070S, i had 10-15 fps i think? It was unplayable to enjoy
>>958517 thank you xd most emulators are able even on low spec as devices like raspberry pi, but on realistic emulation is performance needy

| >>958382 >>958517
Been waiting for someone to mention Cyberpunk 2077. Been eyeing that one too, heard it had a buggy launch but should be smoothed out now?

I love Control, played it on Nintendo Switch but never got to finish it (cloud gaming sucks). Got a free PC copy a while back, might give that a shot.

Speaking of emulation, I never got to finish Drakengard 3. I heard PS3 emulation is good enough for that game to hit 60 fps? Maybe I'll look into that.

oh I'm op btw.

| >>958562 If you were playing on PC Cyberpunk's launch was fine really. Downright good by modern standards. Though they have been patching it this whole time. Playing it on console....that is where the rage was well deserved.

In my experience emulation depends alot more on the quality of the emulator than your PC once you meet the recommended requirements, but I mean, I'm not going to NOT recommend it.

| >>6018b4 Echoing>>49a2af 's sentiment, 2077 wasnt the best at launch but has steadily improved since then. The expansion for the game is on the horizon as well which may be enticing for getting your money's worth.
Sounding like a broken record but play Control lol.

As for PS3 emulation, I follow a channel on YouTube by the name of Modern Vintage Gamer. Their latest vid is on the state of PS3 emulation and may be a good jumping off point. Happy Gaming.

| >>958575 I saw that video too. Seems promising

| >>958575 >>958653 If you liked MVG's video on PS3 emulation, I'd suggest also watching Digital Foundry's video on emulating Metal Gear Solid 4 on RPCS3, it's a year old so it's probably a bit outdated, but it's a fun and interesting watch.

| >>669f2e Thanks for the recommend!

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