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Wii U defence squad 2023

| Why can't Scot the Woz take the Wii U microphone and stick it up my ass so that he can sing karaoke from it!
Surprisingly though, you can still find matches pretty fast on smash 4. Xenoblade still has people playing but even in it's heyday I've never seen anyone use the online multiplayer stuff.
Mariokart 8 and splatoon 1 servers have been in "maintenance" for 3 months though.

| >>958136 Wii U is here since 2012, are you thinking it will be supported forever? Welcome in console wars. If you are mad you should buy PC

| I want a Wii u so I can ignore the Wii u part and use the HD Wii part

| >>958158 Large part of why i got mine back in the day lol, though i also enjoy my share of wii u specific games
either way glad to see a thread not trashing it ngl

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This thread is permanently archived