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Smartphone gaming is different from actual handheld gaming.

| Most of the games designed for smartphone are low-skilled, high dopamine rush gachas with touch controls that often doesn't even allow a bluetooth gamepad. I know there are console/pc ports or some good games but there are quite few.
On the other hand actual handheld gaming provide a complete console/desktop quality experience on the palm of your hands (Switch or Steam deck).
So I think we need to stop comparing them.

| I think we just need mobile games that are actually decent. Mobile gaming has a bad rap for a reason, but it doesn't need to. People can and do make great and fun mobile games, but ad-ridden garbage is always promoted above them at the top of the store pages.

| >>958048 BREAKING NEWS!!! After 16 years of videogaming industry g/u/rl from small textboard found out that smartphone gaming is actually different than handheld gaming! And we are waiting about reaction from developers of Candy Crush what they can say about it. And how will react Acitivision? So much questions, and minimum answers.

| Tbh they could easily make phones as concurency again pc/console-handhelds, they could just take gamepad/backbone or so, connect it to phone, and port platforms as Epic, Steam, Blizzard or so to phones.. But Google Play probably paid them to not make another stores.. Steam Deck or ROG Ally will now show if is interest in it.. Nintendo is own category, it can't be compared.

| *smartphone industry

| >concurency

| >>958089 even if it happens, it won't change the fundamental design of mobile games and how they operate.

I've said it before in /v/, top earning mobile games like Genshin and Nikke don't need tens of Million Dollars to operate each month, but they easily make 20 Mill+ per month.

Maybe they needed 100 Mill to produce the game from scratch, but if you look at Honkai Star Rail, it made 100 Mill+ on it's fist month.

| This low cost high return is a crack for mobile publishers, you can't make them develop normal game even if you guarantee them getting million of sales for 70$per copy.

I can imagine muhhoyo have many influence on ccp and able to lobby or bribe any attempt to regulate gacha spending.

| >>ca0d7b
Meanwhile people keep comparing Nintendo Switch to smartphones and Sony has literally killed PsVita and any future handheld because of the fear of the smartphone gaming market.

| There's lots of good games available on mobile. I play a lot of Dicey Dungeons, Vampire Survivors, and Nethack. Netflix also publishes games on mobile now, that's how I first played Terra Nil (although it wasn't a great port so I bought it on PC after).

| >>958132 also limbus company, but thats a mobile and a pc game so im not sure how to classify it

| >>958113 PSP and Vita never was "main" line. But Switch replaced as home Wii series, than also handheld DS series (3DS had good sells btw). They just merged it. Sony never did same thing and wasn't have so large library.

| >>958141
It's not about merging handheld and home video game console, It's about thinking Smartphone gaming and Handheld gaming is the same thing or not.
Sony believe they're the same and then discontinued Vita. Nintendo hopefully not and after making money with 3ds they created a complete handheld alternative with the Nintendo Switch.

| >>958160 They are different if they have support. Sony left handhelds and from consoles last Nintendo. Nintendo was always doing things by own way, i'm curious if will show up Switch 2, but i feel that may won't be so successful as Switch. (i think covid helped there)
I feel that PC handhelds can be thing

| >>958133 aren't the other games that anon mentioned originally for pc as well? the only game I can think of that was clearly designed for mobile and was not a microtransaction hell is Geometry Dash. Didn't keep my interest for more than a few levels but I'm glad for the moderate success it got. Sadly their case didn't become the trend.

| Mobile games with "homepages" are usually that

| When my company had a booth at PAX 2019 for our mobile game, the awards event grouped mobile games with Switch, so of course the winners were going to be Switch games.


| >>958264 What games did your company make?

| >>958048 Amen

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