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the world ends with you

| i love this game what an underrated gem. the sequel was amazing too

| The world ends with flopped sequel

| can we have floppy disk sequel?

| >>958023
L take

| >>958031 prove my wrong my posting the sales number

| >>958034 games don't need to have a high sales number to be a flop bozo, also square didn't do any marketing for it

| I know we'll never get another after Neo's sales, but I'm so happy to have gotten a sequel at all that I don't care, and it was a banger of a sequel.

| That was a good game.

| It's on the same graveyard with Saints Row, Shenmue and other franchise that went on long hiatus just to get burried because their latest instalment failed to be relevant.

| On one hand, I enjoyed my time with Neo TWEWY. On the other hand, I never finished it and feel no desire too. I can't deny the flop allegation.

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This thread is permanently archived