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if real life was a game which specs it would need to run smoothly?

| probably including also some super vr and such

| what do you think, OP?

| >>957801 >:(

| >>957800 in theory today specs are enough or really close to, (don't forget that Moore's law is slowing down.) but we don't have correct interface yet.
Good opportunity for this kind of technology is Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)
In theory this kind of technology could behave brain as both-way device. Brain could see things what aren't real, and computer could see everything.

| This technology could paralyse person temporately and keep neurons for itself. You are thinking that you are moving right leg? Nice, let's bring this in game. Perfect VR, software could improve it, but there can't be better hardware.
Graphics, this can be tricky, but it will still improve, also i hate ai hype, but in graphics it can simplify requirements

| >>957816 Paralyzed ok but would that still keep the person from being affected by their vestibular system? I can't do vr because without the feeling of body movement I get sick

| >>957886 it's about brain interpret so in theory you would be able to if it's not brain disorder

| Cash

| And its at this time that the automata finally figure out what's going on.

| Just playing it with a toster. It just works fine on my machine, so the compatibility is great. it just lags very often and some people in white are telling I'm retarded or something. It's just a game but they've got to be toxic even here. Now days it's pretty hard playing online with a friendly community! Imma
gonna tell you that!

| Real Life is abandonware

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This thread is permanently archived