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Opinion about new PS handheld?

| I just wake up but wasn't read articles yet, but feel free to share your opinions! ^^

| Had to look it up after seeing this post. Sad to see the rumors about it being a streaming only peripheral to the PS5 were true.

I was hoping there would be a vita 2 to set my g/a/mer loins afire.

Also, I doubt it will be a success since my guess is that the appeal is going to be incredibly niche. How many people own a PS5 and are willing to shell out some serious coin just to play their games with streaming lag on a smaller screen within wi-fi range?

Also, it looks stupid.

| i just saw video.. PS4/PS5 are APU, Vita ARM, PSP MIPS (PS2 Arch too btw). Nintendo switch is based on ARM (and getting old little quickly with compare to phones). But no one expected that APU in handhelds would works, (me included) there was some pc handhelds in past but they was small, expensive and not really popular, and Valve made decent restart which surprised Sony too i believe. Sony don't feel interest to make open device, and make APU with DRM and design can take few years

| They put really a lot in PS5 and if they released handheld it could threat PS5 sells in theory (because handhelds are naturally cheaper). It seems that with this "handheld" they are just saying "we made cool premium accessory, but you need own PS5 to enjoy it". From marketing view it's can makes perfect sense but probably anti customer just as exclusives. Honestly i think that is maybe good that they didn't made another Handheld (saying Person having PSP, Vita, Switch and Deck)

| Vita was able to stream games from your ps3 (like all 3 that supported it unless you jailbroke it) and ps4, but doesn't with the ps5 afaik so this new device is bringing back that functionality

If it can work outside your house it's basically moonlight or steam remote play but for ps5 and I think that's pretty neat

| I don't really see it being useful

| If you have a phone you already own it since if you connect Dual sense to your phone and use remote play you have the exactly same features. Unless it can play old vita, psp, ps1 games it's almost useless waste of money.

| >>957643 there also exists PS Bone for this, as i saw it i feel confused.. it seems as PS Bone with own display and probably better gamepad. And custom firmware. Let's see, but it seems as Backbone 2 for me

| If it doesn't run Android, it's going to be pretty useless since it's doing something thay phones can already do, and phones can do a lot more as well

| It's a shit

| God imagine being so fucked creatively and still be financially sound. Fuck me silly I miss the bee game.

| *cucked

| wii u 2

| >>957892 i saw this too much today.. "yes" but wii u gamepad had better quality

| They waste a good chance to make an actual good handheld.

| I love how the ps5 handeld looks like those NX rumors from 2016

??? the gamepad is literally just a pro controller with a screen slapped on the middle, seems like same concept but for the ps5 one.
albeit the wiiu game pad looks and is sturdy. Probably because they kids,elderly and non neck-beards in mind.
The CG render looks like the controller ends would just snap off if it fell.

| Sony licensed the Backbone mobile controller and apparently want to make e-wastier waste for their own console. Not interested.

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