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Video games that are a suck.

| Aside from modern videogames doing their, ahem, modern videogame things. What games have you given a real chance on from certain aspects that you like until you couldn't bear it much anymore? I can't come up with one because I forget!



| elona

| oxenfree

| >>957453 I tried to like Rimworld and Factorio because I liked Warcraft 3 and Age Of Empires 2 but I couldn't have much fun with them...
They are much more, complex and brain costing for me

| Final fantasy 15. I kinda liked it but the combat was ok and traveling around feels like a slog

| Basically every Monster Hunter game i tried:
I desperately tried to like a game that's basically running after a wounded reskinned animal over and over just to obtain pieces of equip. The combat system is boring and same for the story.
Maybe It's just me but It's just a plain and boring game.

| Most visual novels

| >>957502
I love Oxenfree but I tried the developer's next game, Afterparty, and it's just not clicking with me. Too western-drink-culture for me, maybe

| Interesting question as any game I dont like I drop like a rock and promptly move on to more memorable experiences.

Halo Infinite probablt fits the bill though. Not for lack of trying but for a fact that it lost its identity in favor of a wallet-life-stealing machine.

| >>957735 I didn't like the excessive talking. And when choosing options during dialogues it would interrupt other characters etc. Just became so noisy that I stopped caring.

| >>957737 Yeah, Halo Infinite had the spark of interesting in its good shooting and gameplay. And was absolutely undermined by every single aspect surrounding that gameplay.
-Campaign, fine if boring story with no replayability.
-Multiplayer: life-service shitshow
-even the fucking menus are terrible and only function 80% of the time.

| >>957745
I like that part. Feels accurate to being a teenager and having awkward conversations. I dunno, I was more-or-less a teenager when I played it, I might not like it now as a busy adult.

| cum

| >>957641 Mh just falls into the VG trope being simon says(ie reading patterns) but then doing it over and over again because the boss is tanky af. I mean how you react to said patterns bigly changes depending on weapon, but it's pretty fundamental to the game.
That being said, if in the 1/1000 chance you have a couch co-op session via the 3ds games or some lan party magic, go for it.Shit is basically a party game with 4 ppl, and it's all the more fun in person and everyone sucks.

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