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Darkest Dungeon

| What you think about Darkest Dungeon? What about the II that was released few weeks ago?

I'm playing the first chapter on Switch and it feels like a turn based dark souls. One of the best indie game I've ever played.

| It's a really hard game but I love the atmosphere. I haven't gotten too deep into either but yeah it's definitely a standout indie game.

| I'm gonna drop this name here, don't mind me.
donha dohna

| I don't buy games that got in bed with Epic store

| sometimes it's the best game ever and sometimes it's the worst thing in existence. DD2 looks really cool.

| >>ca089f
Accurate description

| I couldn't get into it. I'm all for challenge but randomness and dice rolls have never been a fun way for me to engage with challenge. Maybe its because I've never played tabletop games but I just don't get it.

| oh don't worry. i don't care about tabletop games and i enjoy it. of course, ignoring the randomness aspect. but i like numbers. and managing shit. but not too much.

| I played the first game soon after release. Loved it. I like managing my probabilities and readying myself for whatever terrible things are going to happen next.

Tried Black Reliquary (the fanmade sequel-like mod) and really liked it too. Haven't had time to play it much though, also why I haven't gotten Darkest Dungeon 2.

| >>957796 I heard someone describe this sort of gameplay as reacting the the situation at hand. the challenge in 0 i know what to do when dealt a imperfect hand vs the challenge in creating the perfect one. It's same sort of logic being why people like rouge-likes so much.
I think for me, I often found that the randomness made me unwilling/minimizing risk and thus kinda playing the game really boringly

| Idk why people comapare it to dark souls though. Like maybe I can see it in the first game,where exploration is rewarding simply due to how much the game screws you over. But the later games and souls-likes are nothing like Darkest Dungeon

| >>957854 It has more to do with the overall atmosphere than to the combat system. There are also many similarities with the soundtrack and the whole level design looks like a 2D version of the chalice dungeons from Bloodborne.

| >>957854 I think its because Dark Souls is a very popular game that is many people's lens for darker fantasy, especially in video games. If you have a wider range of similar experiences your less likely to compare the two things, because you can see more of the nuanced differences. Now I have to go shave this neck-beard that I've suddenly grown.

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