Old PC Game Recommemdations

| Recently made a GOG account and I was wondering if anyone knew old PC games that're pretty good
I'm interested in FPS games if it helps but I'm open to a lot of things

| in no particular order: harvester, system shock, medal of honor, return to castle wolfenstein, doom, heretic, xcom enemy unknown, heroes of might and magic, caesar, turok, shogo mobile armor division, swat 3, morrowind, uplink, empire earth 2
i never played many fps games but like half of those titles are fps games. i'm also an old cunt so if you want more titles lmk. no 500 chars are not enough to review each one lmao

| How old are we talking, no later than 2010? I mean, Crysis came out in 2007, it's an old game.
STALKER: ShoC, Far Cry 1-2, Tom Clancy's GRAW 1-2 & Vegas 2, RtCW, Delta Force games, Bioshock, Medal of Honor games, Soldier of Fortune 1-2, Deus Ex, Black, Painkiller
I don't know which of these games are available on GoG. I haven't played all of them.

| >>957323 i don't feel that is there reason to have gog really, most classics are on Steam too..

| >>957333 IG no older than 2005. Thanks for the recommendations btw

| i meant no later sorry

| Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2

| >>957338 Swat 4 isn't

| >>957338 a lot of older DnD games aren't available on Steam

| >>957338 gog packages them with whatever they need to run on modern computers and often with community patches so it's usually a better experience for older games than steam

So long as you don't mind them not supporting Linux

| Not FPS:
Jagged Alliance
SM’s Alpha Centauri

| Gotta agree with Farcry 1-2. If you're tired of open world Ubisoft map design, you owe it to yourself to play the originals.

| If u like disco Elysium play planescape torment

| >>957370 i was honestly thinking about mention this specific game
>>957371 i believe you also same about silent hill
>>957380 little bit i started playing on Linux because of Deck, and more i prefer older games from consoles. But if i would want try something really old from pc, i would probably look for them from other websites than gog if they wasn't available on steam. maybe it's morally wrong, but i just don't want use too much launchers..

| and if game is not available on 8. gen of consoles or on steam i think that it's can be considered as abandonware tbh

| >>957420 gog doesn't have a launcher on Linux period, everything they sell is DRM free meaning you can just download it from the website and play the game without any launcher including on Windows

| Galaxy is their client but it's optional except for multiplayer in some newer games

| It has mac support but not Linux because they're cowards

| i use vms for gog-linux gaming, old games usually dont need alot of performance so its usually fine

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