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Tears of the kindgom thread

| I like this game so far!

| Yoooo... genshin impact 2 looks good!

| not sex mod yet

| I'm gonna be cool. It's grest to have a mainstream besiegelike game.

| One of the best games ever played on Switch AKA Goty 2023

| I can't get the control stick & two fans vehicle to work :(

| i bought the switch totk edition and it didn't include the game i fucking hate nintendo -at least botw is good-

| Yeah, Nintendo is fuarrking stupid.

| Purah is the biggest improvement of Tears od the Kingdom and you can't change my mind.

| It makes me look at BotW as just an oversized tech demo, and BotW was one my favourite games of all time

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This thread is permanently archived