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try hard aaa titles

| i find those high budget games are hard to digest, metal gear phantom pain, Nier. I get overwhelmed easily, is it just me?

| i do like them

| I feel that

Mostly play indie games these days

| I don't understand what you mean. The only thing that NieR and MGS5 have in common is that they're Auteur games

| Those games are oddly specific and not what immediately comes to mind when I hear AAA

| I haven't played a AAA game since Cyberpunk 2077, and I liked it. So I'm not sure I can pick up what your putting down OP.

| I feel the same about some AAA games, but not Nier. That one was just so cool...

| >>956949 what's bad about nier? :(

| >>957437 it ends

| elin

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This thread is permanently archived