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| I don't play it myself but I heard there was an ingame skin for one of the characters coming out thats gonna cost 60$ or something. Feels wild to hear a cosmetic thing like that being sold for like, enough money to straight up buy a full-ass game.

| >>956697 I see your point, but the game still make more than 20mill a month (top 5 earning of gacha games), despite people in general are shitting on it's ga
eplay and monetization.

That means there are still sizeable whale spenders who will pay through the nose for coom and of course companies will try to push the limit as much as they can. Yes, I think people who still play and spend money on the game are mostly at fault here.

| Especially when you compare Nikke to Genshin. Nikke does not need Genshin budget to operate. New characters are live2d instead of 3D in genshin. New maps/stage are basically just one still background with layers instead of 3D open world in genshin. Animation is focused in tits and ass jiggle instead of fluid moveset, run, and idle in genshin

Nikke should not cost that much and whoever spend money in that game deserves to get milked.

| I was so close to drop the game but the fucking soundtrack omg.
even the music for the selection in the co-op game are fucking great

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This thread is permanently archived