Favorite console?

| What's your favorite console?

| Steam Deck>PSP>Wii>PS2>Switch>Wii U>PS3>PS Vita

Rating is based by my experiences and feelings, i for example didn't gived Vita much tries, it would move maybe more left if i tried it more. Switch i have only month, over that i didn't played many games on it yet, i have good feelings from hw and fun what i had recently, maybe it's just my inner hype. When i started Steam Deck first time, it's made me feel as if i holded SAO headset, and i still love it and i Don't think it will

| Leave me anytime soon.. Wii>German (S)NES clone>PS2
I forget about this one

I switched too many consoles.. i think my collection is pretty much complete, i think i miss only PS5 and maybe DS/Gameboy system(s)

But i have weakness for handhelds

| Wii

| If i should have rate consoles by usage today i would sort it like this:

Steam Deck>Switch>PS Vita>Wii U>Wii>PSP>PS3>PS2>German (S)NES clone)

| Personal Computer

| Favorite console was the Original Xbox with the 360 only marginally behind.

| psp cuz patapon

| psvita if including psp, and ps1 collection, if not probably ps1.

| Before I moved to a different country I was really getting into collecting for classic Xbox games. The original is a surprisingly good console. Not sure if it's my favorite tho, just the one I'm most interested in right now.

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