Why Arcade are "retro"?

| I now talk about arcade cabinets. I understand that in Europe (and maybe in west in general) them market is almost dead. And i'm worrying that really a lot people imagine under arcade classics as Crazy Taxi, Initial D, Sega Rally etc. But in videogaming retro museums they are compared next to Wolfenstein or Asteroids and i just think why wtf? game from 1979 is for them same as 90s or later. And boards as Naomi was always pretty powerful and optimised.

| I also saw museum where was Wii U in it like... WTF?! xd
Also i think like.. What about modern arcade cabinets? Mario Kart, Tekken 7, Sound Voltex, Maimai etc. or even fucking pachinko. just because they are expensive to import doesn't mean they don't exists. I feel it's really sad.

| >>956163 Wii u needs to be in a museum for how not to market a product

| >>956167 it was big failure. But by specs wasn't bad. It's still have more sells than Steam Deck if i'm not wrong.

Btw. Big fun will come probably next year with Switch 2 or any kind of Nintendo successor. I think they will need some kind of hyped technology. Maybe cheap "handheld VR" could be good entry point. Before Valve probably bite a piece.

For imagine Pimax Portal

| I wish I got a Wii u I love the Wii and just want one with hd output :p

| Don't think switch 2 is close though they wouldn't release new Zelda for switch if it was it would be a launch title

| >>956218 i have both, they are fine but i preferly looked to Wii U gamepad touch screen instead tv screen.. So you would probably basically get just Switch without freedom xd
>>956219 gamecube 2001, Wii 2006, Wii U 2012, Switch 2017 so i think that is there high chance for new console next year. Switch is most successful console from Nintendo so is logical to keep alive this system as long as they can. As they did with Gameboy, DS line or Wii.

| Also new console don't automatically mean end of service, PS4 is still supported, you can still play for example hogwarts legacy on hw from 2013. Similar success had PS2 previously. But tegra have some limits, and even if it was just revision as some kind of New Switch (as New 3DS) it is for sure logical.

| Arcades are fairly dead in Japan these days. In the US back in the 80s and 90s I could play an arcade machine in most convenience stores, not anymore

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