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Coffee Talk 2?

| Didn't know this was a thing

| played the demo, some new teas could use a bit more explanation but otherwise it was cool

| i havent played coffee talk 1, is it worth?

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Oh boy! Yet another g/u/rl who asks about this game in this board! Yet again I can say that it's pretty meh, kind of a bland salad compared to VA-11 Hall-A. If you keep that in mind and are just looking for some chill vibes, it might be worth it though.

| the ending was fun tho

| Definitely chill. I'd say it's worth it.

| Coffee Talk was boring as fuck, surprised they're making a second one

| Yeah wasn't as good, but I still liked it.. Very chill, soothed me when I was saderino

| I was surprised it got made after the creator died

| >>949390 say sike right now

| >>949390
The original creator was working on Afterlove, he wasn't going to work on Coffee Talk 2 to begin with.

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And... yes. He passed away about a year ago. The game he was working on is now being developed by his friend.

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This thread is permanently archived